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Once you have constructed an attractive, provocative site and submitted the address to some (or all) of our 1,000+ free promotional links, it is time to start generating revenue from your site.

Now, whether you are looking to create a viable living from web publishing, or whether you simply wish to generate enough revenue to cover the costs of your Web Hosting and Net Access fees, the list of advertising agencies and individual site sponsorship programs listed in the Net-Ads Sponsorship Guide will certainly assist you towards extracting your site's maximum profit potential.

This section is divided into categories and subsections, to aid you in narrowing down your sponsorship options. For example, our list of impression-based advertisers is spread over three separate pages according to the limitations they place on the respective popularity of sites that they allow to participate in their programs. Use the quick links in the left-hand border to skip between pages, or browse each category using the links in the table to the right -->.

The Net-Ads Sponsorship Guide is divided into the following sections:
Click-Thru 1
Advertisers who pay less than 10 cents/click
Click-Thru 2
10 or more cents/click
Impression 1
Impression-based advertisers for Small Sites
Impression 2
Impression-based ads for Medium Sites
Impression 3
Impression-based ads for Large Sites
Commission 1
General agencies that pay by commission
Commission 2
Commission on sale of Internet services
Commission 3
Entertaining products/services
Commission 4
Miscellaneous shopping programs
Commission 5
Other commission programs
Exit consoles, popups and popunders reviewed.
Searchbox Programs
Get paid to promote search results.
Email and TAF Programs
Monetize your subscription list.
Media Marketplaces
Broker your excess inventory directly to individual advertisers.


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