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Net-Ads prides itself on being responsive to the needs and desires of our users. We are aware that the Internet's greatest element is its user-friendly capacity for interactivity. As part of the most dynamic communication medium ever devised, we realise that in order to serve our users efficiently, we must offer a selection of both automated and personal services, with the aim of saving you both time and money, while offering free entertainment to keep you smiling :-D

Feel free to use any of our services listed below. Most are automated and instant in activation, all are free, and some are just plain fun! If you can think of another service that you would like to have added to this section, feel free to contact us with your request, and we'll do our best to assist.


Bulletin Board - A forum inviting your discussion of Web advertising, development and promotion-related topics (not to be used for self-promotion).

Email Us - The solution when you yearn one-on-one human contact. Requests, comments, suggestions and questions are all welcome.

Free-4-All Link Page - Leave a free link to your site here, and let people know that you're up-to-date with the latest Internet technology.

Submission Station - Submit multiple URLs to 24 of the Web's most popular search engines with one form, in a matter of seconds.

Trivia Blitz! - Play our Java-based trivia game for your chance to win a $25 cash prize.

Web Champion Award - Apply here for your chance to be acknowledged as a Net-Ads weekly Web Champion; a coveted Web design award.


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