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Search Engine Submission

The BIG 9!

A listing in these search engines is a necessity for any aspiring webmaster. The following 9 search engines are not only the largest and most popular of their kind, but many are listed amongst the top 100 sites on the entire Web! Systematically following this list should help you to generate a significant amount of traffic in very little time (and with very little expense).

Excite was once one of the five top search engines on the web, incorporating both a categorized directory and a keyword-driven search engine. The company was famously offered the chance to purchase Google's technology from Sergey Brin and Larry Page for less than $1 million in 1997, but chose not to do so. These days, its search engine is still active, but it's unclear how to submit sites for inclusion. On a quick search, though, I found that mine are all indexed, so it possibly operates as a meta search, drawing from other indices.

Google features the most advanced website ranking algorithm around. This index utilizes a number of factors, such as the calculating the quantity and quality of inbound links, the level of expertise and authority assigned to a source website and the originality of content in order to determine a document's relevance. Submission should be managed through Google Seach Console. It's highly recommended that you join GSC and submit all of your websites there, before adding XML sitemaps and individual URLs. For more in-depth submission and optimization tips, click here.

Jayde Online Directory is one of the fastest-growing search engines on the Net. Jayde's 40 categories are easy to navigate, and a keyword search is also provided. Submission to Jayde's index may take a few weeks to process.

LookSmart now seems to operate primarily as a pay-per-click advertising network that delivers its advertisers' results in connection with billions of monthly search queries. If you're looking for paid search reach outside of the channels offered by the major engines, this could be an alternative worth considering.

Lycos isn't as well known now as in its heyday. Early in its life, this operated as one of the web's most popular spider/crawl-based search engines. Lycos acquired the similarly popular HotBot, too, further establishing its influence in the field. These days, it doesn't operate in the same league as Google or Bing, but remains popular enough to command attention. For more in-depth submission and optimization tips, click here.

Scrub The Web has, since 1996, operated what it describes as an SEO-friendly business directory. They don't have a huge number of sites within their directory, which raises questions about the popularity of the service, and there is a cost associated with listing within its directory, but for those in need of inbound links from a high domain authority site, this could be a reasonable option.

WebCrawler is a spider-driven search index listing millions of sites. The site is now operated by the same company that runs and, which are also web search services (Startpage known for its lack of tracking - in an offering similar to DuckDuckGo). It's unclear how to submit new sites presently, which either suggests that search results are syndicated from someone like Bing, or that the service relies on its crawlers rather than manual submissions.

neoBOT is one of the few remaining web directories that features no ads, and accepts free submissions. The site is devoted to helping organize the web's leading content sources according to easily browseable categories. Check them out, and submit your site here.

Yahoo! Search began life as a humble, categorized directory of websites, whizh denizens of the early web would navigate through in order to find the content they were seeking. Then, at about the turn of the century, keyword-based search engines such as AltaVista and newcomer Google started to make it easier to find content quickly. Soon after that, Yahoo acquired AltaVista and even later picked up AOL; bundling their search technologies into its offering to deliver a decent search engine of its own. These days, Yahoo! Search is powered by Bong, so you don't need to submit directly to Yahoo. This does point to the growing importance of Bing, however, so make sure you are listed there.

The Others

The following list contains 237 additional search indices to help generate more traffic for you. Note that some of these sites are content-specific, meaning that while some sites won't be able to be listed, others may receive great benefit from a listing on a site specifically targetted towards their audience demographic.

1st Spot - Human-edited directory of Websites.
411 Locate - Person search. - Food, nutrition and recipe-related search directory.
A2Z Solutions
Acclaim Search - US sites only.
Achoo - Health-related directory.
Aeiwi - Popular new spider-based search engine.
Alexa - Huge archive of online content that connects users to related sites.
AllFreak Search
Alpha Omega Cyberspace Guide
Ananzi - South African regional search engine/site catalogue.
AnotherGuide - Shopping directory (accepts retail sites only).
Anzwers - Engine based in Australia, but does catalogue international sites.
Art Clicks
Banet Search
Bahai WebSearch - Faith and religion index.
BG Top
BionicFind - Quaint search engine/directory site. Link submissions are processed very quickly.
BizCardz - Business directory.
BizWeb - Business directory.
BotWeb - A brilliant new website index that seamlessly combines a directory structure with search engine functionality. Should be huge.
Brand New Sites - Highlights sites launched within the last 6 months. - Directory for shopping sites only.
Buyer's Index - Directory of e-commerce and mail-order sites.
C4 TotalSearch - Increasingly popular global index of Websites.
Cannylink Internet Guide - Malaysian search engine.
Caribe Search - the Caribbean search engine.
Celebhoo - Specialist celebrity/entertainment directory.
Clean Search Web Directory
Connect Online - Directory of online stores.
Cozy Cabin
Cyber Fetch - New, dynamic, Yahoo!-like directory. Covers all sites (even adult).
The Cyber Hound - keyword-based search engine that allows you the choice of entering a unique description and keyword set, or having them drawm from your site's META tags.
Deoji Search
Ditto - Visual search engine (image crawler)
Dogboy's LinkWorld - Easter-related web directory and searfh engine.
Ecila - Search engine for French-language sites.
EurNet OnLine
FamilyClick TopClicks - Child and family-friendly sites only.
Femina - Web search for, by and about women.
Fetch Dog
Fiera - Spanish search engine/directory. - The Web's first and only directory made exclusive for filmmakers, film students and film buffs.
Find Once
Fireball Express - Dutch search engine.
FishHoo! - Specialist fishing directory.
Freebie Crawler - A search engine that lists only those sites that offer Free Stuff.
Frequent Finders - Searches according to keywords present in a website's actual URL.
FunkyCat Search
GCN Consultants - Contributed Sites
Global AtoZ Directory
Global Online Directory
GoEureka - Australian index that accepts international entries.
Gold Coast Search - Local directory of sites from and about the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Google - A next-generation spider-based index.
Grizzly Web Links
GroupWeb Business Directory
GTE SuperPages - US business listings.
Hooverdog - Small human-edited directory.
HorrorFind - Directory of the darker, more macabre web destinations.
Hotlava Web Directory
Infohiway WebZone - Impressive new search robot.
InformationCity - Webmaster resource directory.
JobLand WebSearch
Joe Farmer - Agriculture and farming niche searc engine.
Josh's Sanctum
Junk Yard of the Net - Risquè directory of the Web's best, and most exciting sites. Adding a reciprocal link to your site is a prerequisite for earning a listing.
Link Central
Link Conservatory
The Link Engine
Link Grinder
Linkmania - Add your site into one of several topical 'channels'.
LinkMatic Web Directory
Linkopedia - Commercial sites only.
LinXdirectory - Lists only investment and stock-related sites.
Lookabout - Australian website directory. Requires reciprocal link.
MaDCrAZy - Reciprocal link required.
MapPlanet - Geographical search engine.
MaxBan Directory
Marbella - International business directory based in Spain.
The Microstate Network
MoneyWeb - Finance and business-oriented directory.
Monkey Search
MSN Search - Another necessary submission. - The starting point for musicians on the web.
Net Announce!
Netscape Open Directory
NetSearch Voyager
NYP Directory - Focusses on serving on Japanese consumers.
NZPages - User-generated directory, ala ODP
OneSeek - Includes RoboShopper, OneSeek Developer and e-Browz.
Open Text Web Index
Orion Max World Search - Presents both a metasearch feature and a human-edited directory.
OzSearch - Search engine indexing mainly Australian-specific content.
Pagelinx World Navigator
Patron World Site - Lists sites according to their nation of origin.
Phone-Soft Internet Directory
PlanetClick - Fantastic new search engine that rates sites according to user votes.
Planet Search
Query Search
Rausco - Business-related search engine that provides results quickly and clearly.
Rescue Island - The B2B commercial search engine.
REX - Directory that allows visitors to vote on all resources. Also presents age-restictive content ratings.
Search AllInOne Metasearch
Search Idea
Search IT - New web directory seeking to develop database of sites prior to official release.
Seek-It Web Search
Shadow Links Directory
Shakka! Search
Shop Guide - E-Commerce/shopping directory.
Shops on the Net - Shopping directory for secure sites.
SiteFinder - Business directory by the team.
Splat! Search
SpookySites - Everything creepy, cooky, mysterious and...well, spooky. Free submissions.
Star Seeker - Entertainment/celeb-specific web directory.
Stealth Links
SunSteam Search
Super Snooper
Surf Point
Terra - Huge Spanish-language portal. Now part of Terra Lycos. - Niche search engine handles everything related to theatre and the dramatic arts.
The Biz
The Net 1 - Growing international search engine that works in with and to maximise your exposure. - Business directory. - Very selective web directory.
TurnPike Emporium Directory - Well-established A-Z directory of sites according to content.
Ugabula - A Spanish-language spider-based search engine that attempts to bring order to the web 'jungle'.
UK Index - A spider-driven index of UK-based sites.
United Links Directory - Webmaster-centric directory.
USA Online
Web100 - Highly selective user-ranked directory.
Webindex - Greek search engine.
WebKangaroo - Internet search for kids.
Web Links - Entries added instantly, complete with optional accomanying image.
WebSearch Australia - Indexes only sites from Australia, NZ, the UK or Hong Kong. WebSearcher 2.0
Web's Most Linked - Ranks sites based on the number of other sites that link to them.
Web Surf
WebTop - Hugely popular and expansive spider-based engine.
WebVenture Hotlist
Web Wombat - Lists only sites whose URLs end with a .au or .nz suffix (Australia and New Zealand).
What's Nu
What-U-Seek - Lists business websites only.
World's Best Million
Woyaa! - Directory of African sites. - Women-centric web directory.
WWW Riot
Yellow Pages Superhighway - Apparently receives in excess of 1 million visitors monthly.
YelloWWWeb Pages - Online e-Merchant directory.
Zap Internet Directory


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