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Click-Thru Advertising


This advertising model is based on the desire for advertisers to pay only for guaranteed results in terms of traffic, rather than on a brand-building CPM basis.

Of course, the advertiser's comfortable guarantee does not extend as far as the host site, whose income will rely heavily on the placement, selection and attractiveness of hosted banners. Depending on how well a banner ad relates to the interests of your site's visitors, a click-through program can be profitable. Another advantage is the fact that most agencies or individual advertisers dealing in click-throughs will accept low trafficked sites into their network.

When choosing an agency, keep in mind issues such as their level of experience, the speed and reliability of the ad delivery, targeting methods used to maximise click-through, the quality of advertisers participating in their network and the promptness of reporting and payment. You see, as unfortunate a situation as it is, the anonymity that the Web provides has attracted a number of fraudulent traders whose enterprises spring up one day promising the world, and disappear a month or two later, leaving disgruntled webmasters out-of-pocket.

The advertisers listed at this site have all proved themselves to be reliable (some more than others), trustworthy and have been around for a while. Regardless, make sure you read all contracts carefully, and beware of agreements promising "exclusivity" unless you feel totally comfortable with the broker. While we do provide subjective reviews of all of the advertising agencies listed here, many generated from personal experience, Net-Ads makes no guarantees concerning the activities of any of the various advertising companies, and will take no responsibility in the event that payment is not made or one participating party breaches a contractual agreement.

Follow the links below for our complete reviews regarding click-through ad networks:


Click-Thru Advertising Providers - Generate more revenue from your website(s). Here's a list of some of the best digital ad agencies and individual companies that are currently paying for quality traffic on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis.



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