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Net-Ads HTML Tutorial

Below is a simple guide to HTML formating tags. It is by no means an exhaustive list, but provides enough information to allow most webmasters to create stunning, original pages. This guide may be printed out for individuals' personal, non-commercial use, but cannot otherwise be reformatted, redistributed or reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Curiosity Cave Pty Ltd.

Starting Out

<HTML> </HTML> - place at the beginning and end of HTML file.

<HEAD> </HEAD> - surrounds the TITLE and META tage.

<TITLE> </TITLE> - place page title between these tags.

<META name="author" content="your_name_here"> - specifies author's name

<META name="keywords" content="enter_keywords_here"> - 'talk' to search engine robots with these keywords.

<META name="description" content="enter_description_here"> - some search engines will list this as your site's desciption.

<BODY> </BODY> - surrounds the remainder of the document (all except those parts surrounded by the HEAD tag).

<BODY BGCOLOR="#rrggbb" TEXT="#rrggbb" LINK="#rrggbb" VLINK="#rrggbb" ALINK="#rrggbb" BACKGROUND="image.gif"> - allows you to specify background, text, link, visited link, active link colors, as well as allowing you to place an image in the background. Each of these variables is optional.

<!-- place_comments_here --> - Organise your HTML code with comments. They cannot be read or displayed by the browser.

Formating Text

<H1-6> </H1-6> - allows you to specify heading size.

<H1-6 ALIGN="left/center/right/justify> </H1-6> - heading alignment.

<P> </P> - surrounds paragraphs of text, leaving space before text block.

<P ALIGN="left/center/right/justify> </P> - paragraph alignment.

<CENTER> </CENTER> - aligns text and/or graphics towards the center of the page.

<BR> - Line break. (can use instead of </P>, but doesn't leave space before text block)

<HR width="xxx" SIZE="xxx"> - Horizontal Line (width & size tags optional)

<BLOCKQUOTE> </BLOCKQUOTE> - indents the paragraph on both sides.

<font face="font, second choice"> </FONT> - allows you to specify font styles. You have the option to add a second or third choice font, which will appear if the reading computer does not have a particular font installed (eg "Arial, Helvetica").

<FONT SIZE="-3/-2/-1/0/+1/+2/+3/+4"> </FONT> - allows you to specify font size.

<FONT COLOR="#rrggbb"> </FONT> - specify color according to red, green and blue settings, ranging in value from 00 to ff. For common colors, the word will suffice (eg color="green").

<TT> </TT> - Typewriter Text - monospaced (eg Courier).

<B> </B> - Bold

<I> </I> - Italic

<U> </U> - Underline

<EM> </EM> - Emphasis (generally italic, according to other formating)

<STRONG> </STRONG> - Strong Emphasis (generally bold, according to other formating)

<BIG> </BIG> - Large font size.

<SMALL> </SMALL> - Small font size.

<STRIKE> </STRIKE> or <S> </S> - Strikeout.

<SUB> </SUB> - Subscript

<SUP> </SUP> - Superscript

<BLINK> </BLINK> - Allows your text to blink annoyingly.

Linking and Using Graphics

<A HREF="https://URL"> </A> - Hyperlinking.

<A HREF="mailto:email@address"> </A> - Linking to Email.

<A HREF="news:news.group"> </A> - Linking to newsgroup.

<A HREF="#xxx> </A> - Linking to a target within the page.

<A NAME="#xxx> </A> - Setting target.

<IMG SRC="image_location" ALT="alternate_text" width="xxx" height="xxx"> - Insert image. ALT tag is displayed when image not loaded. Setting optional Width and Height specifications allows the page to load faster.

<EMBED SRC=object_location" width="xxx" height="xxx"> - Inserts non-image object onto page (eg MIDI file).


<UL> </UL> - Start and end of bullet list.

<UL TYPE="disc/circle/square"> </UL> - Specify bullet type.

<OL> </OL> - Start and end of numbered list.

<OL TYPE="A/a/I/i/1"> </OL> - Specify numbering system.

<LI> - Places a bullet/number and indent before text.

<DL> </DL> - Start and end of definition list.

<DT> - Specifies definition term.

<DD> - Definition.


<TABLE> </TABLE> - Place table between these tags.

<TABLE border="xx" width="xxx"> </TABLE> - Sets border size and table width. Width can be in % or pixels, and is an optional setting.

<TABLE CELLPADDING="xxx" CELLSPACING="xxx"> </TABLE> - Cellpadding is space within cell that surrounds data. Cellspacing specifies the gap between cells.

<TABLE BGCOLOR="#rrggbb"> </table> - Specify table background color.

<TH> </TH> - Table Header.

<TH COLSPAN="xx" ROWSPAN="xx"> </TH> - Specify how many columns and rows are spanned by the header cell.

<TH ALIGN="left/middle/right" VALIGN="top/middle/bottom"> </TH> - Specify alignment and vertical alignment.

<TH BGCOLOR="#rrggbb" NOWRAP> </TH> - Header cell background color. NOWRAP specifies no linebreaks.

<TR> </TR> - Surrounds table row.

<TD> </TD> - Surrounds individual cell contents.

<TD COLSPAN="xx" ROWSPAN="xx"> </TD> - Specify how many columns and rows are spanned by the individual cell.

<TH BGCOLOR="#rrggbb"> </TH> - Cell background color.

<CAPTION ALIGN="top/bottom"> </CAPTION> - Table caption and alignment.


<FRAMESET> </FRAMESET> - Surrounds frame data.

<FRAMESET ROWS="xxx,*> </FRAMESET> - Sets rows and specifies row height. Height can be specified in terms of pixels or %. An asterisk indicates 'the rest'.

<FRAMESET COLS="xxx,*> </FRAMESET> - Sets columns and specifies respective column widths.

<FRAMESET FRAMEborder="yes/no> </FRAMESET> - Maintain or remove visible frame borders.

<FRAMESET BORDERCOLOR="#rrggbb> </FRAMESET> - Set frame border color.

<FRAME> - Define contents of individual frame.

<FRAME SRC="https://URL" NAME="frame_name> - Specify HTML file to place within frame.

<FRAME SCROLLING="yes/no/auto" NORESIZE> - Specify whether a scrollbar will appear in the frame and whether or not surfers can resize the frame with their mouse pointer.

<FRAME FRAMEborder="yes/no" BORDERCOLOR="#rrggbb> - Defines whether the frame will have a visible border and, if so, what color the border will be.

<NOFRAMES> </NOFRAMES> - Data surrounded by these tags will be seen by surfers whose browsers do not support frames. It is a good idea to place a link to your homepage in this area.


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