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The Net-Ads name, HTML code and images are all the property of Curiosity Cave Pty Ltd, and may not be copied, modified or reproduced in any way or on any medium without the expressed written permission of Curiosity Cave Pty Ltd. Curiosity Cave Pty Ltd reserves all of the rights to all of the original graphics, logos, buttons and backgrounds on this site, as well as to the site's layout and content.

Those who wish to use a Net-Ads graphic to link to our site may only utilise one of our graphical links (banners and buttons) as displayed on our Link To Us page, unless prior written consent has been granted by Curiosity Cave Pty Ltd.

Note that he Net-Ads team have recently instigated a web-sweeping operation to crack down on those dishonest sites that have violated our intellectual property and threatened our reputation by deliberately and directly copying the content featured on the Net-Ads site. Since our content determines our site's value, we WILL take legal action against those webmasters who copy our site, or parts of such, without permission and who refuse to purge their site of such illegal content after the first warning.

The worst feature about the Web is that the physical act of reproducing another's content is easy to carry out. Of course, just because it is possible to do so does not infer that such an act is legal. On the other hand, the best feature about the Web is its ability for searchability and watermarking. If you are considering copying Net-Ads in full or in part, be warned that we will find you, and will take action.

I apologise for the threatening overtones contained within this document, but in the past, we have personally located three sites who had copied entire pages of Net-Ads. As any honest content creator would understand, web site development requires a huge investment in time and effort, and are often a labor of love, reaping little financial rewards. For this reason, it's deeply hurtful whenever our content is copied mindlessly.

My view on web pirates: Don't support...Report!    - Joshua Smith (webmaster@net-ads.com)

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