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Arachnophilia is a full-featured web page authoring tool, encompassing HTML, C++, Javascript and CGI scripting support, as well as drag-and-drop functionality. Additionally, Arachnophilia allows you to import any preformatted document created in a Win-95 compatible application for conversion into HTML for Web readability. A magnificent tool set provides simple creation of tables, frames and forms, while the included Help and tutorial files offer invaluable assistance to both the novice and pro webmaster. Prior to uploading, Arachnophilia enables you to test your page on 6 different browsers for formatting or compatibility problems, while providing an in-built FTP option that ensures that the application sees you from initiation to publication. This is a Careware application.

FileZilla is a fantastic, full-featured FTP client that is free to download and use. The site supports FTP and SFTP connections, enables you to mirror folder navigation to speed up your workflow, and it's highly responsive. Many a webmaster would be stuck without this tool in their arsenal.

ICQ rose to fame during the late 1990s as one of the first instant messaging applications. For those looking to advance beyond email and to engage in real-time, short-form communication, this was revolutionary. While the likes of Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have taken the spotlight in recent years, ICQ is still available, with its ICQ New variant now providing end-to-end encrypted chats and calls.

Notepad++ - like FileZilla (above), this is one application that many a web developer uses on a daily basis. If Dreamweaver, from Adobe's excellent Creative Cloud, is too cost prohibitive for your project, Notepad++ might be the alternative you've been seeking. This source code editor is completely free to download, and makes HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing a breeze - for those looking to code by hand.


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