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Welcome to Net-Ads
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- Latest News Articles -

Google Targeted in Click Fraud Lawsuit
Posted: Sunday, 3 July 2005.
Just months after Google successfully won a judgement against an operation that had attempted to defraud AdWords advertisers, the company has been hit by accusations that click fraud continues to run deep within the paid search space. Read on...

Microsoft In Talks to Buy Controversial Adware Developer
Posted: Friday, 1 July 2005.
In a move that has already sent shockwaves of controversy and debate throughout online advertising circles, Microsoft has allegedly been in talks with the posterchild of adware, Claria (aka Gator), in regards to a possible acquisition. Microsoft has its eye set on the company's behavioural marketing technology and massive database of tracked information, while consumer advocates and website publishers have their eyes firmly fixed on Microsoft, whose own anti-spyware application labelled Claria's software as malicious until recently. Read on...

ValueClick to Acquire WebClients
Posted: Tuesday, 14 June 2005.
The search, banner and affiliate marketing giant is set to further increase its base of technological assets and active superaffiliates through an acquisition of WebClients.net. WebClients owns the Websponsors.com affiliate network, which was once a leader in its space. The deal is valued at approximately $141 million. Read on...

- Latest Tips 'n' Tutorials -

3 Ways to Increase Your Success with Affiliate Programs
Posted: Friday, January 11th.
This article from contributing author B. Delepierre features a few basic guidelines to optimizing one's potential as an affiliate marketing web publisher. Read on...

Introduction to Web Technologies
Posted: Thursday, October 31st.
Starting out in web development can be a daunting experience. Many wanna-be web publishers, faced with a dizzying array of acronyms such as HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP and CGI unfortunately give up in their attempts to tackle the complexities of the medium. This article provides a brief outline of the capabilities of each of these, as well as several other common technologies and protocols. Read on...

How to Build Your Mailing List and Stay Sane
Posted: Wednesday, October 17th.
Just as increasing traffic to one's website is a challenging and on-going process that must be tackld on many fronts, building opt-in subscriber numbers to your mailing list does take time and effort. With the help of this article, though, you should be able to reduce some of the groundwork and trial-and-error. Read on...

Top Seven Tips for Writing Articles on the Internet
Posted: Wednesday, October 17th.
One mistake that many marketers make when transitioning a sales pitch or other copy to the internet is maintaining copy originally produced for print. The Web is a different beast in terms of usage, and this article notes seven essential points to consider when writing for the online audience. Read on...

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