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Sponsorship-Oriented Links

AdvertisingWatch.com is a companion site to NET-ADS that delivers the latest news, rumors and information concerning online advertising and affiliate marketing on a daily basis.

AllAdvert is a fantastic and readily-updated news source for web publishers and affiliate marketers, managed by the irrepresible cyber-bovine }:8) Supermoo. Check it out!

AssociateCash.com is a well presented, ever-expanding guide to the various associate/affiliate programs available online. The site also has a section pertaining to website promotional advice.

Company Reviews quite obviously contains subjective reviews of companies involved in internet marketing, online advertising and web hosting. Well worth a look.

Net Money World is a regularly-updated directory of online ad networks, affiliate programs and related sources of revenue. All programs are rated, with the worst residing in the 'Hall of Shame'.

OnlineSolder.com: Making Money - Features online advertising terms, a guide to ad networks by type, and a review of famous ad networks from the past.

SponsorTEST.com is an amazing resource that uses a set of objective criteria to evaluate the programs offered by various web marketers. In all, over 100 (both mainstream and adult-oriented) sponsors have been tested and rated by the site.

Webmaster Ads provides a great deal of information about affiliate programs and ad agencies, complete with reviews and ratings to help you select the best solution for your site.

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