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Email and Tell-A-Friend Programs

Advertising.com Newsletter Network offers email publishers effective ad representation, with most campaigns paying at robust CPC rates, with a few CPA campaigns thrown in for good measure. Recent reports have suggested that the Newsletter Network has taken too starting publishers at its previous maximum rate of 12 cents/click, before applying reductions to those accounts whose audiences prove unresponsive to the ads conveyed. The program is non-exclusive, works with most popular mail-list clients, supports both text and HTML mailings and pays monthly once $25 has been ammassed. Recommended.

Focalex has continued to buck the trend exhibitd by its competitors in maintaining high pay rates on confirmed subscribers of 40 cents/lead. Leads may be generated through TAF forms (which can recommend specific or base URLs), popups or text links, and additional revenue may be sourced on a CPM basis through the popup window that launches after a user has completed or closed the subcription form. Recommended.

Mailbits has, for several years now, been running an innovative program that has the ability both to increase your traffic, and to generate significant revenues for you. You are asked to place special links on your site that your visitors can click on to recommend your site to their friends via email. During the process, your visitors are given the opportunity to join a Mailbits mailing list. If they do so, you receive 20 cents. Now only accepts publishers based in the US, UK and Canada. Delayed payments have been reported, but this program remains worth exploring.

Recommend-It is a very well established player in the email technology and marketing scene, making their program an attractive stayer in the market. Joining gives publishers not only the ability to use their technology to build traffic, but is rewarded with a 30 cent bounty each time a user of the service's TAF (tell-a-friend) form co-registers with one of the company's newsletters and remains subscribed to such for at least 30 days. Stats are updated daily and available online. Payments are made NET30 once $25 has been generated. Recommended.

SuperTAF is a flexible tell-a-friend system operated by the fabbo team over at Wondermill. The program serves to both virally build the subscriber base of one's newsletter(s), while additionally providing revenue to the publisher on a 80:20 split in which Wondermill keeps 20% of the net earnings from a campaign, and delivers the rest to the publisher. One account may be used to manage multiple forms and sites, and stats are visible online 24/7. Payments are made NET45 after $25 has been generated. Recommended.


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