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AdvertisingWatch.com serves up the latest news and rumors to affect the online advertising and affiliate marketing industries in an interactive setting.

Geek/Talk is where I spend several hours a day conversing with the movers-and-shakers of the indie web publishing world. The forums presented here (particularly the "Making Money on the Internet" forum) are some of the busiest and most intellectually-challenging of their type. Online for about 2½ years, it's archives are like a minefield; full of valuable goodies. Highly recommended!

Get High (Traffic) Forums is a hard-core community of web publishers, hosts and affiliate managers who learn from one another's advice and (occassionally constructive) criticisms. A valuable resource, if a little heated at times.

Hosting-Forums.com houses a range of discussions concerning web hosting and web development issues. The perfect place to check the credentials of a host you've been investigating.

SICtalk has been designed primarily as a meeting place for members of Standard Internet's various affiliate programs. The BBS has since morphed into a vital meeting place for indie publishers of varying experience levels. Boasting close to 6000 registered members, SICtalk is worth a visit even for non-SI members.

SitePointForums has attracted over 4500 members to their active collection of forums. Topics discussed here range from the intricacies of PHP, ASP and SSI development, through to web hosting issues, tips for e-commerce success and promotional advice.

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