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GifArt offers affiliates 20% commission on the sale of memberships used to gain access to a professional range of web graphics, clipart and other design elements.

Power Promote has established an affiliate program that pays referrers $5 for all sales of the company's $24.95 web submission service. Power Promote sends its affiliates weekly stats via email, and sends checks at the conclusion of each month for any sales generated.

RackShack.net allows webmasters to promote its hosting service, while rewarding them with substantial referral fees. Under this plan, you will receive an impressive $37.50 for each virtual server account is $50 for each dedicated server that is purchased through your text or banner-based referral link.

Scholarstuff.com is offering a program whereby webmasters are permitted to add 400+ pages of ScholarStuff content to their website. The content is owned and served by ScholarStuff and webmasters are given a percentage share of the earnings from the advertising inventory as ads appear on the pages. A frames-based content affiliation has been set up for smaller sites (whereby you simply hyperlink to the pages), and a no-frames co-branded syndication is offered to higher traffic sites, enabling webmasters to totally integrate the additional content with their own.

Shout Ad Network have recently initiated a program by which host sites participating in their banner network can refer others to the Network, and earn 10% of the referred site's banner ad revenues, permanently. Also, your site will earn 10% of all free banner exchange impressions generated by your referred sites.

You Online sell advertising space on their popular classifieds site at transaction sizes that range between $40 and $160. They have initiated an affiliate program in which referrer sites are paid a whopping 50% commission on sales of advertising. Affiliates are also granted the opportunity to purchase advertising space on the site at half price.


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