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(for Medium Sites 100,000-1,000,000 pageviews/month)

Adtegrity.com offers representation to sites that deliver in excess of 500,000 pageviews/month. Their focus used to be on humor and entertainment related sites, and these still make up the bulk of their inventory. Adtegrity is, though, expanding into other regions, and is looking for sites that fit into the following categories: Women-centric, Computers & IT, and Business & Finance. Adtegrity delivers ads using AdJuggler, which provides support for a variety of rich-media options and banner sizes. Scott Brew from Adtegrity has always been very up front about the rates that participating sites can expect, though some publishers have expressed their disdain at the lower rates that they've experienced of late. Overall, this is a good network, but one that seems to be struggling more than most during the market downturn. Payment terms now NET90. Worth exploring.

DotClick (formerly Digital Music Network) pays music-related websites 70% of impression-based revenue generated on their pages. They represent sites such as CDUniverse and other 'big players' in the music industry. In order to participate, your site must be music-related and must receive at least 100,000 impressions per month. If you are lucky enough to have such a popular music site, this is a fantastic advertising broker that promises big revenues.
UPDATE (15th January, 2001): DMN, having failed to renew their domain name registration, seem to be toast.
UPDATE (5th August, 2001): Looks like we spoke too soon. The Digital Music Network has apparently been reincarnated as DotClick, offering a promotional (and possible revenue-sharing) partnership to leading music resources. As soon as I know more, I'll let you know...

HerAgency has been representing women-centric web properties to some success since 1996. They broker ads on a site-by-site basis for properties that attract at least 200,000 monthly impressions, offering 100% sellout by filling unsold spots with RON and remnant inventory, and operate on a non-exclusive basis. Your commission on the takings will increase from 50% to 65% on a sliding scale as your traffic increases. Several years in the industry, and a commitment to maintain its focus on the female demographic make HerAgency an attractive choice for appropriate sites. Recommended.

HostingClicks.com is a specialist ad rep owned by the same company as the one that owns Net-Ads (thus, no rating will be presented). The service represents English-language web properties that fall into the broad 'technology' content category. This includes properties whose audiences are primarily web hosts, online publishers, net marketers or high-tech afficionados. Both CPM and CPC payment models are supported, with 50% of gross revenues awarded to the publisher. Ad management is handled through the AdJuggler system. Payments are delivered via PayPal on a NET30 basis once the $50 payment threshold has been surpassed.

Peel is an entertainment-oriented network that promises gaming/celeb/music publishers not only a share of the ad revenue generated through their banners and popups, but free hosting (up to 250MB), a free domain name (if needed), and free Peel Points, which may be redeemed for various products and services. While this sounds like a tasty deal, reports have emerged that the network is ineffective and selling its inventory, and has previously reduced its pay rates retroactively - a big no-no. Be wary.

Zonify, not to be confused with L90's now defunct Zonfire, is a value-oriented online ad rep founded by Aakshay Kripalani that offers most of its members reasonable CPM returns (generally between $0.20-$0.45 net). Publishers who produce particularly low click-through-ratios, though, will be offered payment based on a CPC basis. Members must deliver at least 100,000 impressions monthly in order to be eligible. Payments are issued NET35, via either PayPal or check.


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