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24/7 Real Media [TFSM] offers representation for premiere sites on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Although it's not clear exactly what the agency's minimum traffic threshold is, they generally only support well-branded properties that deliver several million impressions/month. 24/7 also offers advertising support for ezines and online newsletters. Note that this firm has suffered dramatic cash losses of late, and is not entirely safe from a market downturn.
UPDATE October 30th, 2001: 24/7 Media today announced that it had acquired Real Media's coveted ad technology assets in a deal that ould make-or-break the company. The combined entity will operate under the name 24/7 Real Media, and will maintain both media representation and ad technology development. Rumors have it that 24/7 will opt to shelve its Connect ad serving platform and focus on licensing Real's superior OpenAdStream.

AdLINK.net , like ad pepper (see below), primarily services the European advertising community. To this end, AdLINK only represents branded properties whose audiences are comprised largely of European populations. The firm is well established, financially stable and serve their role as an outsourced sales team effectively. Recommended

ad pepper recently withdrew from the tumultuous US market citing market conditions. They continue to serve heavily trafficked websites throughout Europe, however, and offer flexible sponsorship schemes for branded properties on a site-by-site basis.

Avenue A [AVEA] are a full-service media planning, buying, management and tracking firm, the majority of whose business is distributed through the major networks. They do, however, deal directly with elite publishers, with rates and terms negotiated on a site-by-site basis.

BMC Media [BMC.AX] represents large online media properties throughout the Asia Pacific region. More specifically, they support sites from Australia, NZ, HK, China, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. Their Premium level of service offers exclusive representation to branded properties such as Telstra.com and Sina.com. Smaller sites, or properties looking for non-exclusive representation are supported by the company's VIP program.

Click~Thru, Inc appeared to be one of the stronger reps of online newspaper/periodical properties in its early days, but with their website having not received a single update since 1998, and most of their leading properties clearly running ads from competing firms, it seems that this company is flatlining. Not recommended.

CyberFirst claims to pay large sites an impressive $10-$35 CPM, depending largely on the level of targeting specified by individual advertisers. To be eligible for inclusion, your site must now generate in excess of 50,000,000 impressions monthly and target a specific demographic group and/or represent a recognized brand identity. Their ad-serving system is handled by DoubleClick DART, which is a very reliable service. Perhaps the one disadvantage involved with engaging in a relationship with CyberFirst is their contractual demand of exclusive representation, which prohibits your displaying advertising banners for other compaies except those represented by CyberFirst. Commissions paid to CyberFirst range from 30-40%, with the reduced rate coming into effect once more than 10,000,000 monthly banner impressions are being delivered to the service.

Cybereps were a pioneer in the online advertising space, and quickly established themselves as both one of its leading ad reps, and a prominent publisher. January 2001 saw the company merge with Interep Interactive, which has given likely improved the company's cash position, while broadening their product range with the addition of an experienced radio sales team. Cybereps represent only prominent online properties, and do so by brokering not only banner deals, but site sponsorships, streaming media sales and other beyond-the-banner alternatives.
UPDATE June 11th, 2001: Cybereps today announced that they will be acquiring competing ad rep Perfect Circle Media, which adds significantly to their client lineup. This transaction, in addition to the strength of parent company Interep, who also fund Burst!Media, suggests that Cyberep will be around for the long-haul. Definitely worth exploring.

DoubleClick [DCLK] has asserted its presence as a clear industry-leading provider of ad sales representation and technology. At present, they only accept sites that generate several million impressions per month, or which target a desirable demographic group and display solid growth potential. Payment is negotiated on a site-to-site basis.
UPDATE December 12th, 2001: A series of seeemingly related developments and cutbacks has constricted DoubleClick's lossy media division during the bulk of this year, and at its close, all indicators suggest that the company could completely depart the media representation business shortly. Nevertheless, the firm's solid reputation and comparitively effective sales unit makes DoubleClick's media service worthy of exploration as a short-term representation option.

Future Games Network is a division of the reputable Cybereps (see above), but seems to have floundered somewhat in its independent capacity as a representative of large-scale gaming properties. The service has allegedly long been dogged by pitiful CPM rates, uninspired leadership and an inability to fill inventory. Be wary.

Go4Media serves ads to several larger properties using Spinbox - an ad management system that is technically robust, though starved of significant reporting features, such as campaign breakdowns or summaries, and revenue reports. While they reportedly sold several lucative banner and popup-based CPM campaigns earlier this year, they have lately been serving little more than non-paying PSAs and broad cost-per-lead campaigns. They were also burnt when one of their biggest advertisers, CyberRebate, filed for bankruptcy protection early in May, 2001. Since Spinbox does not support the delivery of a default campaign, Go4Media is only worth exploring as the last link in your default chain.

Hi Media is presently the largest single ad network in France. The group's reach expands to more than 50% of the French online population each month, suggesting that an alliance with this firm could verey well boost the visibility of your French property.

L90 (Latitude 90) [LNTY] is one of the market leaders in online ad sales and representation. Their AdMonitor ad deliver and reporting software is reputed to be some of the best in the industry, though the network has come under fire for delivering low to negative effective CPM rates once their banner serving charges have been deducted. L90 also supports the delivery of high-quality popup ads, dubbed 'Power Ads'. The L90 network demands exclusivity, while its solution for medium sized sites, Zonfire, is not nearly as restrictive. Note that while reports suggest that L90's payouts are low at present, the company's strong links with traditional offline advertisers puts them in an ideal strategical position to drive growth into the market later this year.

Perfect Circle Media offers interactive advertising sales representation to heavily-trafficked web properties within the financial, business and high-technology content categories. Recently merged with Cyberep (see above). Sells ads on a site-by-site basis, while filling unsold spots with remnant and run-of-network or run-of-channel inventory.

Tempest Online Media presently offers ad representation services to highly popular and/or well-branded Australian online media properties.

UGO 's partner program has been providing financial support for webmasters of gaming and entertainment-related sites for several years. Recently, though, they've come under fire for "renegotiating" their contract with some publishers, while ejecting others en masse. They now only consider sites that are able to deliver in excess of 1,000,000 monthly impressions, and are reported to pay sites on a 50/50 revenue split. Participating sites must carry a non-paying UGO branding button on each page where a banner is displayed.
UPDATE (12th March, 2001): Following the contract negotiations, UGO has laid off several staff and has incorporated popup windows into their rotation. They've also been accused of withholding payment from all of their affiliates, which is clearly a sign of desperation if true.
ANOTHER UPDATE: UGO recently announced that their network would be merging with Bla-Bla's, and that the new company would maintain the UGO brand. FWIW, Bla-Bla's reputation was arguably worse than UGO's, which makes the justification of the merger a mystery.

Winstar Interactive [IREP] offers representation to a hand-picked selection of online brands. In order to be eligible for participation, your site should deliver at least 10 million pageviews/month, and should have a well-established brand. Winstar has claimed that their inventory is currently selling at approx $20CPM. If you do indeed represent a well-known online property, Winstar's services are highly recommended.
UPDATE (30th April, 2001): Winstar Interactive's parent company, Winstar, recently voluntarilydeclared Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Given this, Winstar Interactive is no longer a recommended ad rep.
UPDATE (15th May, 2001): The negotiations surrounding Winstar's Chapter 11 reorganization have resulted in the approval of a $300 million loan that stands a chance of bailing the firm out of its present financial woes. Stay tuned...
UPDATE (26th July, 2001): In what goes against the trend of late, this floundering online ad firm was rescued from the abyss by Interep Interactive - who already hold stakes in Perfect Circle Media, Cybereps and BurstMedia. Read more...
UPDATE (16th September, 2002): Interep Interactive's CEO Adam Guild today faced off with iMedia Connection in an interview that reveals a great deal about the company's direction and the rationale behind its recent string of acquisitions. Read the interview transcript here.


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