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AllPosters manages a famed affiliate program that presents webmasters of art, celebrity and other entertainment-related sites with commissions on the sale of posters. Affiliates are awarded 20%-25% commissions from any sales generated through your affiliate links. Links can point to the homepage, content categories, or directly to individual products. In addition, you'll be presented with a free poster as a reward to mark your first sale. Recommended.

Amazon.com offers a 15% commission on the sales of titles that are specifically linked from your site. They also offer a lower 5% commission on the sale of titles that you did not refer, but whose sales came about as a result of a visitor arriving through one of your links.

Anime Castle supports both general and product affiliate links, and offers its partners healthy commissions in the range of 5%-15% (based on monthly volume). Payments are made monthly on a rapid NET15 basis, and reporting is made via regular email bulletins to confirm successful sales.

AnimeNation offers a high-quality affiliate program that pays an 8% commission on all qualified sales. This is a great solution for those entertainment-related sites that are finding it hard to attract CPM and CPC-based ad support. Recommended.

Easybuy2000 is an online electronics store specializing in the sale of high-turnover entertainment accessories, such as portable MP3 players, Playstation mod chips and the like. They are presently supporting an affiliate program that offers a tasty 8% commission on any sales generated through your links.

EBgames presents its affiliate partners with a 5% commission on sales generated through referral links. The company stocks a wide variety of games, electronics, movies, music and hardware accessories, and individual product links are supported. Payments are issued monthly after $100 has ammassed. Managed through LinkShare.

Fatbrain.com (formerly ComputerLiteracy.com) offers a commission that ranges between 5%-20% on any sale of computer-related books and interactive training programs to originate at an affiliate's site.

Flying Pig is a New Zealand-based e-tailer specializing in book sales, but which also offers videos/DVDs, software and stationery at competitive rates. Affiliates are paid a 15% commission on sales generated through direct links to specific products, and 5% commission on other goods. Payments are made in $NZ, quarterly, once $20 in commissions has been generated. Online stats are available.

iWon is CBS' mega-portal. It offers affiliates a $0.50 bounty for each user who registers as an iWon member (which is free, and incentivized) through the affiliate's link. Payment is issued monthly once $25 has ammassed. Managed through Be Free.


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