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Other Affiliate Programs

Accomodation Online offers its affiliates the chance to offer their visitors a range of discounted holidays and accomodation bookings for destinations all around the world. Affiliates will earn anywhere between 5% and 8% commission on all sales generated through their links (with the peercentage rate set on a sliding scale that rewards the most productive affiliates with the greatest rate). The program also promises to continue crediting its affiliates with future sales made by their referrals. Recommended.

Friend Finder is a successful online chat and matchmaking service that offers between 35-50% commission on those who sign up for one of their paid matchmaking service. At the moment, they are also offering a bonus 10 cents for each person who signs up as a member (with smaller bonuses paid when people sign up for free services).

Match.com is a leading web-based personals service that connects singles through a membership-only community. Affiliates may earn between $10-$40 for each new member sign-up driven through their respective sites. Worth exploring.

TravelNow allows webmasters the opportunity of earning commisions of 20%-50% ($5-$12) on all online hotel reservations generated at TravelNow through one's affiliate links.


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