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ALX hosts a range of free guestbooks - customisable according to text size, links back to your page, and color schemes. ALX' service also supports the submission and receipt of private messages.

Dreambook provides aesthetically-pleasing guestbooks to those whose own access to CGI-bins is limited or non-existent. Dreambooks may be customised as appropriate. No real bells 'n' whistles, but a great service nonetheless - and who wouldn't rather refer to their 'guestbook' as a 'dreambook'?

Guest-Books.com offers an incredible free service that all webmasters can benefit from, without risking detriment to their site's image. The appearance and functionality of these guestbooks is completely under the control of the webmaster using the service, as custom HTML can be introduced anywhere in the script in order to have the page look and feel like one of your own. In addition, the service accepts the addition of special forms, surveys and custom questions that allow you to gather additional details regarding your visitors.

Miatrade allows you to customise their free guestbooks with unique background and text colors. The service also allows you to freely add, edit or delete entries as you see fit, and to send email to all or some of the visitors to your guestbook on mass.

Phiastos Guestbooks offers a particularly slick service in their provision and hosting of free guestbooks. Packed with customisable features, Phiastos' forms can be seamlessly integrated into your site's design.

www.Guestbook.de offers free guestbooks to all webmasters. These fast-loading guestbooks can be customised through the addition of images, and the modification of all colors. Individual entires can also be modified or deleted - all through an easy-to-use web-based interface. To pay for the service, www.Guestbook.de places a banner at the top of each page.


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