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Similar to Free-4-All links, but with a greater emphasis on stimulating sales of particular products and services, classified links provide a fast and inexpensive method of promotion. To differentiate such sites from Free-4-All link lists, they generally allow users to place descriptions about their products or sites, and often scan the links for suitability. Again, this method will not attract as many visitors as search engine posting, but may help to stimulate more sales than such a method, as your target audience is interested buyers, rather than casual web surfers.


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The Official Classified MarketPlace
OffTheLip Classifieds
Oklahoma's Hottest Classifieds
Ole-Net Classifieds
Online Broadcasting Network
OnLine Pro
Ontario Biz
Ontario Click Classifieds
OppKnox Business Ads
Oxydollars Free Classifieds

Pacific Products Classifieds
Page Host A to Z
Pages Online Classifieds
Pat's Free Ads
PC Webopaedia Computer
PC World Computer Classifieds
Peke Classifieds
Pennsylvania Real Estate
Penny Saver USA
Phone Zone.com
Planetary Market Front
Planet Link Classifieds
Poconos Classifieds - Local classifieds for the Pennsylvania region.
Port-Link Classifieds
Progressive Possibilities


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