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Banner Exchange Services

123 Banners allows you to target your advertising by specifying which groups of pages you wish your banner to appear upon. They offer a 2:1 exchange ratio (your banner appears once for every two banner impressions produced by your site).

1-2-Free Banner Exchange allows you to have your banner ad rotated with a 2:1 exchange ratio. Your ad can be animated or still, and up to 15K in size.

BannerNetwork.net promises its members an incredible 2:3 exchange ratio - and yes, they do mean 3 that members earn 3 exposures for every 2 banners that they display. Now, while I may not have the mathematical ability necessary to challenge the Theory of Relativity with validity, it is clear that BannerNetwork's distribution scheme is impossible to fulfill, especially since they also offer new members 2000 free credits upon signup. Perhaps the 3:2 ratio infers three exposures for every two unique visitors, or something similarly ambiguous, but in the absence of an FAQ page, this issue remains unresolved. I recommend you try LinkExchange first.

Banner Source offers a standard 2:1 banner exchange ratio. While mixed, and occasionally conflicting, information appears on the site, it seems that their program accepts both the gif and jpg compression formats, up to 15K in size. Banners must measure 468x60 pixels in dimension. Real-time, online stats are provided for all members. New members receive 100 free credits uypon signup.

BannerSwap offers a cutting-edge banner exchange program. Apart from being one of the most popular banner exchange agencies on the Web, they offer a 2:1 exchange ratio and bonus exchange credits for each time a banner on your site is clicked on. This system has been established in order to increase click-through ratios by encouraging webmasters to position the exchange banners in prime locations on their pages.

bCentral Banner Exchange
(formerly LinkExchange) is by far the Web's most popular and most reliable banner exchange service, now owned by Microsoft, with literally hundreds of thousands of sites participating in the program. They offer a 2:1 exchange program that supports banners of dimensions 468x60 pixels. bCentral does have provisions for animated banners also. There are no strict rules governing the placement of banners, though they must be "clearly visible" to all visitors (ie not hidden in a navigational frame).

ClickThru Network is not a banner exchange as such, but their innovative promotional system defies categorisation until enough competition arises. Basicly, their system entales the placement of a ClickThru icon on the main page of your site. Other ClickThru Network members will visit your site in order to locate the icon. The number of visitors brought to your site is decided by the number of credits you generate through visiting other network sites and clicking on the ClickThru icon (1 credit per click), or by winning bonuses, attracting referral partners (new members) or by paying for additional credits. While this system does seem incredible, and while it does provide solid guarantees as to how much traffic will be attracted to your site, it does have one distinct disadvantage. ince most visitors reaching your site through the Network will be concerned mainly on finding the icon and clicking on it to generate a credit for themselves, they may fail to pay attention to the content of your site (though I guess that then becomes a marketing challenge to figure out a 'hook' that will attract visitors attention, then).

ComeVisit Network exchanges banners at a 2:1 ratio, while allowing webmasters to rotate up to 4 of their own banners throughout the network. Individual statistics are provided for each banner so that webmasters may discover which banner attracts the greatest click-through ratio.

CyberLink Exchange offers sites a 3:2 exchange ratio if they place the exchange banner at the top of each page. This "perferred program" (they probably mean preferred) also grants host sites 200 free credits each month and the ability to earn bonus credits each time a surfer clicks on one of the banners displayed on your page. Incidentally, you will also be granted 600 free credits upon signing up. If you fail to place the banner at the top of each page, your account status will changed to "regular", reducing the exchange ratio to 2:1. The regular membership does not give bonus credits each month or for each click-through. The program allows you to target your banners to certain age groups, geographical audiences and by page category. Banners must be 400x40, "...or about that size."

EIS Banner Exchange offers up to a 1:1 exchange ratio, which can be reached by earning bonus credits through various reward schemes. Banners should be 400x50 pixels in dimension, and less than 10K in size.

Free-Banners offers one of the best programs that I have encountered. On top of a 2:1 exchange ratio, Free-Banners offer a number of impressive benefits including a monthly drawing for 1,000,000 free adviews and a referral program whereby you earn 10 cents (or 20 credits) each time a site signs up as a Free-Banners member through a link from your site. On top of this, you will personally receive 10% of all credits generated by sites in your downline. Banners are 468x60, .gif or .jpg, and up to 10K.

HitExchange have initiated an interesting banner exchange program that calculates exchange ratios based on both the number of impressions and click-throughs generated by each member site. Their program can, interestingly, produce an exchange ratio grater than 1:1, maximising your marketing effort. HitExchange accept 400x40, 400x50 and 468x60 banners, while granting each member the ability to rotate 8 different banners throughout the system.

HumanityExchange.com is a tremendously innovative banner exchange that offers a basic 2:1 exchange ratio, but where the balance of impressions earned is provided as inventory for the promotion of charities and non-profit organisations. The benefit of this is not only that you, as a publisher, will be able to support your favorite charity (this is selected from a list of several), but half of the ads appearing on your own site will be charitable in nature, rather than employed in the promotion of commercial endeavours - or your competitors. Interesting idea.

IgniteAds.com Popup Exchange is a free page exchange. Member sites insert a piece of code in their web pages which causes another member's site to be displayed behind the active browser window in a new standard browser window. Under the 2:1 exchange ratio, for every two popups that you deliver, your site will be popped up behind another, for free. In terms of raw traffic generation, this is far more effective than a traditional banner exchange.

TradeBanners accepts only G-rated sites. They offer a 4:3 exchange ratio, which is better than most other services. Banners must be 400x40 pixels and less than 7k in size.

WebWorld offers a 2:1 exchange ratio on 468x60 banners and popups. They claim to offer targetted banner placement, aimed at generating more click-throughs. They accept animated banners less than 20K in size.

World Wide Banarama offers an exchange ratio of 4:3, or 8:7 if you place their ad at the top of your page. Their specifications pertaining to banner dimensions are particularly lenient. They accept both .gif and .jpg formats of dimensions 400x40, 460x60 or 450x70, less than 10K. Note that the banner must be pulled from your server each time it is displayed, which could effectively slow down your server.


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