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Website Awards

While many of the links below represent smaller, less recognised award sites to those listed in the Best Of The Best Of..., they could nevertheless prove increasingly beneficial to your site's popularity, due to their niche market targeting. It could be useful, for example, for the webmaster of a band fan site to apply for music-related awards, as these could attract a great amount of traffic that would be particularly interested in the content of the site. So try your hand at the competition below, and you could get lucky!

| Best Of The Best Of... [Top 30] |
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| O-P | Q-R | S-T | U-V | W-X | Y-Z |

Macromedia Shocked Site of the Day
Magical URL Mystery Award
Magnum Opus Award
Majon's Web Select Award
Manter's Weekly
Market Tech Design Award
Mart's MetaPick
Medaille d'Or Award
Mickey Award, The
Micronet Corporation Award
Mighty Kim's Big 'Ol Award
Mirage-Net's Oasis Award
MnetWeb Services Award
Moho Award
Monkey Award
Moon Dance Award, The
Mother's Finest

NAV Site of the Fortnight
NBNSOFT Content Awards
Neal's Pick
Net Junkie's Pick of the Day
Net Surfin' with Mike Wendland
NetGiver Award
NetGuide Awards
NetVet's Pick of the Litter Award
Newly-Webbed Award
News.com Radio Award
New World Webdex
Noteworthy Award
Nu-Horizons - Range of awards based on site content.
NW Business Net Award


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