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EuroFreebies - Tired of seeing free offers deemed "US Only". All offers listed here can be claimed by residents of Europe.

Evil Ernie's Freebees - An exhaustive listing of the Web's best Free Stuff sites, all on one page.

Fantassia's Freebies - This site is sure to get you smiling. Tina presents hundreds of reliable freebies and updates the database daily.

Freaky Freddies Free Funhouse - A huge free stuff directory, listing hundreds of freebies in more than 65 categories!

Free2b's Fantastic Freebies - Distinctive graphics, a clear layout and item desciptions differentiate this attractive site.

Free-Bee.net - A great site for hunting down webmaster-related freebies in many categories.

FreebieDot.com - Home to tons of freebies and free stuff.

Freebie Forest - A well-presented guide, with freebies arranged into a range of categories, some unique.

Freebie Land - Created in December 1998, Freebie Land already indexes more than 700 freebies, and is expanding quickly.

Freebie Lover's Guide to Happiness - A Web guide to freebies that is updated regularly, and which features a concise set of links to the Web's best Free Stuff sites.

FreeBZone - Aesthetically pleasing, extensive and dynamic. FreeBZone is updated daily.

Free Index - Possibly the biggest resource for exclusively webmaster-related freebies.

Free Mania - Get free apparel, beauty supplies, catalogs, magazines, posters, food, contests, mousepads, brandname freebies and more.

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