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Online Advertising Articles
(March 2001)

UGO Networks Closes $23 Million Round of Funding

New York, NY March 5th, 2001 - UGO Networks, a leading entertainment company for 18-34 year old males, announced today that it raised $13 million dollars, closing a new round of funding with a total of $23 million. Lead Investors are GRP and Missouri-based Gryphon Holdings II, LLP Inc. and their investment partners. UGO Networks has raised in total $80 million.

UGO Networks consists of UnderGroundOnline (www.ugo.com), a network comprised of 350 affiliated sites which feature content in animation, music, games, wrestling, technology, TV & film, celebrities and UGO Networks Technology Solutions, which provides Web hosting and other professional services to UnderGroundOnline affiliates, strategic partners, and third parties. Board members include Strauss Zelnick, Former President and CEO of BMG Entertainment and Yves Sisteron, Managing Partner of GRP.

"UGO Networks' strength lies not only in the size and composition of its audience, 18- 34 year old males, but in the way in which its unique business model enables multiple revenue streams," said John Wehrle, Managing Partner of Gryphon Investments. "The Company's management team has proven to be extremely adept at leveraging and maximizing all of its internal resources."

"UGO Networks has demonstrated the ability and business acumen not only to survive but to succeed in today's market environment," said Yves Sisteron, Managing Partner of GRP. "The management team is highly adept at both managing cash and generating revenue. The company has had tremendous success in building a base of blue chip advertisers and technology clients."

UGO Networks has overall annual revenues of $15 million.

"UGO Networks will use the new funding to continue operations until our breakeven which will happen before the end of calendar year 2001," said UGO President and CEO, J Moses. "To this end, we are taking cost cutting measures to increase efficiencies in our business."

UGO Networks will use the new proceeds to grow UGO Technology Solutions, its technology business and to develop and sell advertising sponsorship packages.

"As a well funded company, we are looking to leverage our cash position to explore potential strategic partners. An ideal partner would enhance our market position and leverage the Company's core assets," said Joe Robinson, Chairman and Founder, UGO Networks.


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