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Ad Registries

ADictive brings together UK-based web publishers with both regional and international advertisers looking to target various industries within this national demographic. The offer advertisers the opportunity to plan exactly which categories and/or individual sites will carry their campaign, while providing publishers with an additional revenue stream. ADictive keeps a 30% commission from the publisher's earnings, pays monthly after £50 has been generated, and does not require exclusivity.

MatchCraft is a media marketplace that matches publishers with CPC (cost-per-click) and CPA (cost-per-action) deals provided by a range of advertisers. They support all IAB-standard banner sizes.

OneMediaPlace (formerly AdAuction) is the most popular online media marketplace, and is subsequently very selective about the publisher accounts that it accepts. In order to offer your ad space for sale, you will need to serve several hundred thousand pageviews/month, with desirable demographics. Effectively, OneMediaPlace supplements your pre-sold inventory by offering you the chance to match your available impressions with advertisers looking to fill such space. They offer their own ad rotation software, while also allowing you the option of carrying sold ads through your existing ad-serving system. Due to the fact that OMP has established strong relationships with many traditional advertisers through their marketplace for offline media exchanges (such as TV, magazines and periodicals), they could potentially attract several large names to your site. Definitely worth exploring.


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