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Java & Javascript

While Java and Javascript are actually very different applications, they are both comparable in their ability to enhance web sites through the employment of various interactive devices.

One major benefit of using Java or Javascript is that the codes are very easy to customise in comarison to CGI customization, and do not require access to a CGI-BIN, so all webmasters now have the ability to add interactive guestbooks, counters, banners, chat facilities, simple games and more to their sites quickly and easily.

Each of the sites listed below offer either free customizable scripts or valuable hints and tips regarding the integration of Java and Javascript applications into one's Website.

Net-Ads is pleased to announce the release of Free-Javascripts.com - a collection of 100s of Javascripts that can be added to your site freely to create a truly interactive interface. CLICK HERE to visit the new site.

Java/Javascript Resources & Scripts

Apple Flavored Java
Ask the Java Pro
Cafe Java
Inside Java
Java Center, The
Java: Programming for the Internet
Javascript Source, The
Nic's JavaScript Page contains a number of free, customizable Javascripts ready to make your site interactive.
Ozzino Java Tools allows non-programmers to create interactive Java applets.
Timothy's Javascript Examples
Webpedia Free Javascripts
Website Abstraction


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