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Online Advertising Articles
(June 2001)

DoubleClick Revisits Privacy Policy, Invites Feedback

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 1, 2001--DoubleClick Inc. (Nasdaq: DCLK), the leading digital marketing solutions company, today announced it has posted its new privacy policy on the company's web site for public review, and is soliciting feedback from leaders in the privacy community, public policymakers and consumers for the next thirty days.

Those seeking to provide input can do so by sending comments to privacyfeedback@doubleclick.net. Revisions to the policy will be made based on feedback received. The ten-point privacy policy, which is a restructuring of the company's statement in order to be more consumer friendly, covers all aspects of the company's operations, including interactions with its customers and consumers.

"DoubleClick is committed to executing its business in the most open manner possible," said Jules Polonetsky, Chief Privacy Officer, DoubleClick. "This extends from opening our privacy policy up to public comment, to clearly outlining for consumers how `cookies' work and how they can opt-out of them, and to holding our adherence to our privacy policy up to regular independent review, as we have committed to do here."

DoubleClick's new policy is part of a corporate commitment to make a strict adherence to privacy a priority across all lines of business. In addition to installing Polonetsky, as Chief Privacy Officer in March 2000, the company now has a dedicated staff of seven to implement its own privacy policies and auditing those of its clients. In fact, DoubleClick has discontinued working with nearly 50 customers for not adhering to the company's privacy standards.

The company is advised by a board of independent privacy experts that meets regularly to review DoubleClick's policies. DoubleClick is also a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and abides by the NAI's Self-Regulatory Principles on Online Preference Marketing, which were developed in conjunction with the Federal Trade Commission in July 2000


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