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Online Advertising Articles
(December 2001)

Standard Internet Acquires CellularPhones.com

Edited by Joshua Smith - 13th December, 2001

Only nine months after entering the mobile phone services business as a reseller of retail cell phone plans, Standard Internet has made a bid to dramatically boost its online presence through the acquisition of the coveted domain CellularPhones.com.

Robert Mooney, CEO of Standard Internet, has celebrated the successful transaction, stating, "CellularPhones.com is the premier domain name in our industry and will allow us instant consumer brand recognition in both our on-line and off-line marketing efforts."

The increased orientation in building its retail brand awareness may be interpreted as a departure from the group's direct-marketing roots, in which the bulk of their sales originated through a vast network of affiliated sites. Said independent publishers have, since August, received sizeable bounties for attracting consumers to the group's old site, located at the less-memorable ClickHereForCellPhones.com.

At present, Standard Internet Corp. processes over 40,000 cellular phone service applications per month through its contracts with MCI/Worldcom Wireless and AT&T Wireless.

In addition to its cellular phone presence, Standard Internet Corp. remains a leader in the online advertising market with over 30,000 web publishers promoting its eight internet advertising programs, which include the popular AllClicks, SearchTraffic and PopupTraffic programs.

Publishers interested in operating as a CellularPhones.com affiliate may explore the program here.


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