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Web Development Articles
(April 2001)

The Wall Street Journal and Clickability Inc. Announce Online Partnership

SAN FRANCISCO, April 17, 2001 - Clickability Inc. and The Wall Street Journal today announced the deployment of Clickability's Web-based SAVE THIS™ and EMAIL THISŪ tools for online publishers onto the WSJ.com Web site. The agreement enables WSJ.com subscribers to save links to stories and e-mail them to others.

Clickability's SAVE THIS and EMAIL THIS tools will be displayed on article pages throughout the WSJ.com site. SAVE THIS allows users to store links to stories and organize them into personalized Web-based folders. Articles are also accessible in wireless-appropriate format via any Web-enabled mobile device using Clickability's SAVE THIS Wireless feature.

EMAIL THIS enables subscribers to send story links, along with personal messages, to other subscribers or non-subscribers. The application creates new viral marketing opportunities for WSJ.com by allowing subscribers, for the first time, to pass along stories to non-subscribers. Users can now access both SAVE THIS and EMAIL THIS on the WSJ.com site by clicking on brand-transparent buttons on all story pages.

"Partnering with Clickability adds increased functionality to WSJ.com, benefiting not only our current subscribers, but also potential subscribers who receive EMAIL THIS-generated links to the site's content," said Neil Budde, editor and publisher of The Wall Street Journal Online. "In turn, WSJ.com benefits from the reporting and aggregate user information supplied by Clickability, allowing WSJ.com to offer additional inventory to advertisers."

As part of the agreement, Clickability presents WSJ.com with monthly data reports tracking the aggregate viewing and pass-along habits of its subscribers. The reports provide WSJ.com with valuable feedback on the content that subscribers save, organize and share, serving as a metric of editorial and advertising effectiveness not available elsewhere to online publishers.

"For the first time, WSJ.com is integrating e-mail functionality into its site and chose Clickability to deliver this capability to its subscribers," said John Girard, Clickability's co-founder and CEO. "With Clickability's tools, WSJ.com now has the power to open the doors to new users. This viral marketing effort, paired with the in-depth reporting functions that we will provide, is a great value add for WSJ.com and Clickability is proud to be a major part of it."

About Clickability's Suite of Tools
Clickability's core suite of brand-transparent tools includes SAVE THIS™, EMAIL THISŪ and PRINT THIS™. Integrated directly into an online publisher's Web site, SAVE THIS provides users with the best way to save, organize and share online content in easily accessible Web-based folders. Through SAVE THIS Wireless, Clickability automatically converts Web publishers' online content into a wireless appropriate format, allowing registered SAVE THIS users to access their saved content through any Web-enabled wireless device. EMAIL THIS allows users to quickly share articles and Web content by clicking on the EMAIL THIS button on a publishing partner's Web site. PRINT THIS automatically converts Web pages into a printer-friendly format by removing extraneous text and graphics, providing users with reformatted content that is easier to read in print. Clickability's Most Popular feature allows users to search and view listings of the most e-mailed, saved and printed articles across partners' Web sites. The listings are organized by the most popular articles for the day, week and month. Clickability is located in San Francisco and can be contacted at (415) 575.5125 or by visiting www.clickability.com.


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