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Online Advertising Articles
(May 2001)

Zengine and Unicast Become Technology Partners

May 23rd, 2001 - Zengine, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZNGN), a sell-side ebusiness software and services provider, and Unicast today announced an agreement to augment Zengine's advanced ebusiness platform with what is arguably the most effective online advertising format available, Unicast's Superstitial®, dubbed "the Internet's Commercial™".

More specifically:

  • Sites built on Zengine's technology platform can accept and sell Superstitial campaigns starting immediately.
  • The hundreds of traditional advertisers that use Unicast's Superstitial can extend their reach to the high-demand (business-to-business) B2B and (business-to-consumer) B2C online audiences by purchasing Superstitial impressions on Zengine sites and Zengine client sites.
  • Superstitial reporting has been integrated into Zengine's reporting and analysis toolset to allow advertisers to track from a Superstitial ad impression through to purchase. As a result, sites and advertisers alike will be able to better measure return on investment, efficiency and Superstitial-driven sales.
  • Zengine provides clients with a vast array of ebusiness services ranging from site creation and personalization services, to content management systems, e-commerce platforms, CRM and fulfillment services, and more. Zengine's technology is designed to be highly scalable, flexible and reliable.

Introduced by Unicast in 1999, the Superstitial has become the most effective online advertising format available today, generating average click-through rates consistently ranging up to 30%, with an average post-click conversion rate of 12%. By using the Superstitial, Zengine's clients can create a richer, more dynamic online advertising experience, resulting in increased brand awareness, site traffic and, ultimately, sales.

Supported by a proprietary, polite delivery system, the Superstitial ensures consistent, CD-ROM quality ad playback without slowing down Web browsing or Web site content delivery, regardless of the user's connection speed. The resulting return-on-investment is proven to exceed that capable with any other online advertising format.

"We're very excited to be partnering with one of the leading providers of online advertising solutions," said Joe Savarino, president and CEO, Zengine. "Unicast is a natural partner for Zengine. Our sell-side ebusiness platform delivers companies the most effective means of conducting commerce online, and the Superstitial is one of the most effective vehicles on the market today to drive online sales."

"By combining Zengine's reporting and analysis capabilities with the Superstitial format's ability to deliver compelling advertising, Zengine's customers will be able to increase the value of their site audience to the advertisers running Superstitial campaigns, " said Richard V. Hopple, Chairman and CEO, Unicast. "This is also a great opportunity for our Web site and ad network partners to benefit from the comprehensive ebusiness solutions Zengine offers to increase site revenue and profitability."


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