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Affiliate Fuel is a cutting-edge affiliate network founded by several former iBoosters, including the creator of, Paul Grossman. Not only does the company offer a combination of CPC and CPA offers - with creatives including text links, email spots and banners - but they bring a superb track record of publisher-centric service and support to the equation. In order to be eligible, sites must attract in excess of 500 visitors/day, must be well presented, and must be viewed by mainly US and Canadian-based users. Payments are made NET60 after $50 has ammassed.

AffiliateStorm officially launched in late October of 2001, and presently houses only a dozen or so active affiliate programs. Nevertheless, the fantastic range of options presented to both publishers and advertisers within the system's respective control interfaces, combined with solid support and comparativey low merchant fees has made the new service attractive. Obviously, since this firm is so new and has yet to deliver any payments to publishers, it's impossible to give the program a certain rating at present, but the program is worth exploring.

Be Free, Inc. [BFRE] (aka is a well-established intermediary between merchants and affiliates. Their flexible and reliable technology supports everything from pay-per-click, pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale programs through to per-per-search systems. Your interaction with each merchant is handled seperately, the effects of which are that the terms governing each program vary, and checks are issued only once your earnings within an individual program exceed the defined minimum payment threshold.
UPDATE (18th July, 2002): Following its recent acquisition by ValueClick, BeFree has been successfully integrated into ValueClick's MediaPlex platform as of today.

ClickBank is a highly reputable ASP, that mainly supports sale-based affiliate programs where the product in question is digital (such as software, ebooks, merchant accounts, etc). Well worth exploring. takes the basic affiliate marketplace one level further, offering both advertisers and affiliates the chance to facilitate transactions on a CPM, CPC, or CPA basis. The system also presently supports the gathering of email leads, and offers publishers the chance to display ad creatives in popups if they so choose. This program offers great diversity, and thus can help any site to generate additional revenue (through either text, image and transaction-based links). I've participated in clickXchange extensively, as both an advertiser and affiliate, and do recommend their services as part of any online advertising or revenue-generation plan. You will, however, need to be diligent in the management of your dealings with the company's many merchants, as several shut down their programs or exhaust their deposited funds without warning. Worth exploring.

clixGalore is a start-up affiliate network operating out of Sydney, Australia. They support cost-per-click, cost-per-action and cost-per-sale programs, while supporting both Australian and US currencies. At present, they appear to accept affiliates and advertisers from all nations. Note that payments are made only once your balance reaches the equivalent of $US50 (with payments dispatched in your choice of $AUD, $US or UK pounds sterling), and that clixGalore take 25% management commission from affiliate balances. Merchants who choose to close their programs are additionally charged a $10 account closure fee.

Commission-Junction (CJ) was the first major affiliate program manager. From simple roots, it has grown to be the biggest and most respected name in its field. They presently manage literally 1000s of active pay-per-click, pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale programs, offer a solid reporting system and consistently send their affiliate payouts on time. Fully P3P-compliant. Recommended
UPDATE (June 1st, 2001): CJ today announced a major series of changes that will see the abolition of their pay-per-click support system, while increasing merchant rates so dramatically as to force many pay-per-lead programs to shut down. Most of these changes will come into effect at the end of July. Until then, things will be rather turbulent at CJ. Related to this, many merchants have reduced their cookie length to 1 day, so that affilates aer rewarded only if their referrals make a purchase on the same day as the referral takes place. Concerns about the effect this will have on affiliate revenues are tackled here. Verdict: Still recommended, but proceed with caution.

Cyberbounty is a cost-per-action facilitator that assists publishers in filling their excess inventory with a combination of banner, button, text link and popup creatives. Cyberbounty represents a number of different (respectable) companies, paying anywhere between 50 cents and $3 for valid leads (forms filled, memberships enticed etc) originating from your website. Payment is issued NET60 after $50 in revenues has been generated by your account.
UPDATE (September 16th, 2002): CyberBounty today debuted a series of positive changes to their system. Payments are now dispatched on a NET30 basis, and the minimum payment threshold has also been halved - bringing it down to just $25. Impressively, these changes were made effective retroactively to September 1st.

DirectLeads has emerged as one of the leaders in pay-for-performance marketing. Their system rewards affiliates every time they generate either a click or a confirmed lead (ie fill out a form). As many of the products offered are free, the click:lead ratio is quite favorable, so the returns can be substantial if your site attracts the right demographic. DirectLeads is worthy of exploration.
UPDATE (January 2nd, 2005): During the past two months, DirectLeads altered its payment terms from NET60 to NET15. It then seems to have unceremoniously changed them back to a more moderate NET30 without notifying affiliates as to why the change was made. Nevertheless, with payments now presumably made approcimately 30 days following the conclusion of each month, the DirectLeads program has increased its competitive attractiveness.

Fine Clicks is a fantastic affiliate program aggregator launched and managed by Chet Brzezinski (formerly of that offers a selection of cost-per-action programs. Additionally, their system is ready to support CPM and CPC-based campaigns, when such become available. The network has boasted, and continues to manage, the accounts of several strong merchants. Now accepts publishers from almost all nations as members. Payments are issued monthly after a minimum $25 has ammassed. Fully P3P-compliant. Recommended!
UPDATE (November 12th, 2002): FineClicks now only accepts affiliate applications from those located within the United States.
UPDATE (December 22nd, 2002): FineClicks no longer accepts incentive-based properties.

LinkShare presents a solid affiliate management system that gives you access to over 100 merchant programs that pay on a per-lead or per-sale basis (with a few CPC programs thrown into the mix for good measure). Your earnings are not aggregated in the same fashion as what you'll experience from CJ or Instead, like BeFree, each LinkShare merchant remits payment seperately once you have reached the minimum payment threshold. The new 'Merchant Payment History' feature offered within the membership area allows publishers to view the status and track record established by individual merchants in terms of payment. Worth exploring.

MaxBounty is a late-comer to the affiiate marketing scene, but has managed to make quite an impact nonetheless. Efficiencies in operation have allowed to offer superior cost-per-lead rates than those offered by most networks. Stats are real-time, payments are monthly and the selection of campaigns is as varied as it is productive. Recommended.
UPDATE (December 2nd, 2004): Payments to international affiliates may now be made in their local currency so as to avoid delayed bank clearances and excessive fees. Good news for those not based in Canada or the US. UPDATE (July 31st, 2005): MaxBounty today finalised its acquisition of the LeadCrunch affiliate network; giving the program access to a broader base of affiliates and offers. The LeadCrunch brand will be dissolved as a result.

OnResponse (formerly Bach Systems) is ValueClick's reputable pay-per-lead network. Offering support for both text, banner and button links, as well as newsletter ads, OnResponse is certainly worth exploring.
Current traffic requirements are as such: websites must generate at least 100 pageviews/day. Newsletters must be sent to at least 1000 opt-in subscribers.

QuinStreet is a well-established affiliate manager with a definite focus on pay-per-sale programs. They provide a strong technological base, and a growing collection of merchants from which to choose.

ShareASale are a relatively new entrant into the affiliate management scene, but are rapidly gaining ground. The service brings lead-oriented merchants together with a worldwise network of publishers, with a few click-based offers available to those publishers who have proven their ability to convert by generating $20 in historical leads. Worth exploring. Affiliate Network launched on June the 1st, 2001 - just as CJ (whose model this service has adopted) announced a series of sweeping changes.'s system supports CPC, CPA and CPS transactions. Publishers residing in the USA, Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK whose sites are presented in English, and attract at least 300 visitors/day are eligible for membership. Payments are issued NET60 after revenues of at least $50 have been generated.

is a UK-based affiliate network similar in form and function to CJ (see above), in that it supports a variety of creatives and transaction types - including CPC, CPA and CPS, and aggregates the earnings from each program into a single check. Affiliates from all over the world are accepted, but payment is made solely in British Pounds. Payments are issues bi-monthly to all affiliates who have surpassed the £30 threshold. Worth exploring

Websponsors acts as one of the Web's biggest and most reputable brokers for various commission-based affiliate programs. Handling clients as diverse as Pagoo and the Blue Sky ISP, Websponsors features merchants suitable for most audiences. Payment is based on leads or sales, and the company has consistently issues payments on a monthly basis for several years now. Highly recommended.

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