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Aaddzz have, unusually, not updated their site sine 1997, and continue to display a message on their homepage claiming that the company's program is presently in a state of open beta testing. Nevertheless, they are apparently serving ads, and dispatching payments regularly, which makes them worth a look to those who have been less successful in acquiring contracts with better-known ad reps.

Ad Allies is a new CPC network that supports a wide variety of creative formats. They do, however, demand exclusive control of the above-the-scroll 468x60 banner space and all popups/popunders that are to appear on member sites. Actual click rates are not disclosed on the site, and I haven't heard any first-hand reports about this network's performance. If you have used them and have something to report, please drop me an email.

All Clicks is an innovative program launched by Standard Internet that pays webmasters for sending them blind links. That is, you are permitted to effectively deceive or trick your visitors into clicking on the link, and you will still be paid! An example of this is: [ Click Here For Free Jokes! ]. Each click earns webmasters 3 cents. The program has been well received, and I have received only positive reports from those members who have abided by the network's (rather flexible) terms and conditions. AllClicks now only accepts US-based publishers.

Bulk Clicks is also run by the folks over at Standard Internet. This is a step-up from the AllClicks program - paying webmasters a flat rate of 5 cents/click for button links and 4 cents for text links. This program is great when used to supplement your existing ad sales, or to fill your site's remnant inventory. Open to US-based publishers only.

clickXchange.com takes the basic affiliate marketplace one level further, offering both advertisers and affiliates the chance to facilitate transactions on a CPM, CPC, or CPA basis. The system also presently supports the gathering of email leads, and offers publishers the chance to display ad creatives in popups if they so choose. This program offers great diversity, and thus can help any site to generate additional revenue (through either text, image and transaction-based links). I've participated in clickXchange extensively, as both an advertiser and affiliate, and do recommend their services as part of any online advertising or revenue-generation plan. You will, however, need to be diligent in the management of your dealings with the company's many merchants, as several shut down their programs or exhaust their deposited funds without warning. Worth exploring.

Computers-Canada.com offers Canadian web publishers the opportunity to generate a flat 5 cents/click for linking to this comparison shopping service. Online stats are available, and payments are issued monthly for all accounts that have generated at least $CAD20.

dkAds (formerly RateStar) launched amid a great deal of controversy, in which it was discovered that the service's parent company and its associated trademarks were not legally registered. At that time, the network was managed by just one or two people, mainly operating as a reseller of campaigns sourced from other networks (ClickThruTraffic, FineClicks, OnResponse and CJ amongst them). Now, they seems to be increasing their efforts to sell their own campaigns, but have had little luck thus far. Publishers are offered rates ranging from 2 cents to 5.5 cents/click, based on the volume of traffic delivered within a given pay period. Payments are issued NET15 after $35 has ammassed, except in the case of the first payment, which may be delayed for up to 2 months. This network is improving, but you are advised to remain cautious.
UPDATE (January 25th, 2002): It's recently been brought to my attention that dkAds' service has improved suubstantially since their early days. They no longer broker resold campaigns, have resolved their registration issues, and apparently have filled all of their inventory with paid campaigns for the past several months. On the downnside, the company now only offers a flat 2 cents/click - due to publisher fraud - making the service most appealing as a source of 'filler' inventory. Payment terms are now NET10, and publishers can request early payments on occasion.
UPDATE (April 20th, 2002): While the standard rates for low-volume publishers remain in the 2-5 cent/click range, dkAds' founder - Mr Dan Ushman - recently alerted me to the fact that the network has begun to offer substantially higher rates to those of their high traffic publishers that also satisfy certain criteria for acceptance into these premium campaigns. The rates offered to these publishers extend from a base of 5 cents/click, right up to 17 cents/click. Not bad at all for those properties that qualify!

Fine Clicks is a network founded and managed by Chet Brzezinski (formerly of WebsiteSponsors.com) that offers a selection of cost-per-action and cost-per-click programs. Their system is also ready to support CPM-based campaigns, when such become available. The network has rapidly gained support from both merchants and publishers, and is establishing itself as a standout player in this crowded market. CPC campaigns are only available to publishers that have proven their ability to convert legitimate traffic, and pay anywhere in the range of 1-15 cents. Some CPC campaigns can be carried in newsletters, and most support both graphical and text-based creatives. Now accepts publishers from almost all nations as members. Payments are issued monthly after a minimum $25 has ammassed. Recommended!
UPDATE (November 12th, 2002): FineClicks now only accepts affiliate applications from those located within the United States.
UPDATE (December 22nd, 2002): FineClicks no longer accepts incentive-based properties.

TextLinks.com is Standard Internet's latest release. Those familiar with SearchTraffic will be comfortable with this system, while others may need a primer. In short, the program allows publishers to add a select range of text links to their site which, when clicked upon, direct surfers to a range of search results related to that term. A click made on one of the results appearing on this second page earns publishers a flat 6 cents. While this sounds complicated, it is well worth your time to investigate the TextLinks site in order to become acquainted with this promising performance-based system.

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