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Absolute Web Graphics Archive ensures that you'll never have to buy one of those expensive clip art CDs again. AWGA has made more than 10000 (Did you say ten-thousand?!?) images available to Internet and desktop publishers. Their collection contains more butons, bars, icons, letters and arrows than you can poke a mouse at.

All Free Original Clipart offers webmasters the selection of well over 1000 icons, animated gifs, bars, bullets, fonts and more at no charge.

Animation Library contains a large selection of animated icons, buttons, bullets...basically anything that moves can be found here. Personally, I would be careful about using these images on commercial pages as theWebmaster claims that he 'doesn't think' any of the images are copyrighted - obviously, therefore, he hasn't created them himself. This range is great for use on personal pages, though, as the range is very extensive.

Art for the Web presents three categories of quality free graphics; textures, page sets and blank buttons. Their range is nothing short of stunning, especially for a free graphics source.

Background-Graphics.com provides webmasters with access to a completely original collection of seamless background textures, page borders and tile graphics. 72dpi versions are available for both personal and commercial use at no cost. High-resolution versions are also available, at minimal cost, for use in video productions, 3D animations and graphic design work.

Bellsnwhistles.com stands as a large library of free graphics, in many styles, forms and sizes. While their range is presented poorly, many of the graphics are of a worthwhile quality.

Cartoon Clips offer one volume of their cartoon images free to non-commercial sites. The package of 70 images, all drawn by one artist to preserve a consistency of style, may be downloaded in Illustrator EPS format.

Christmas-Graphics.com features a wealth of festive web graphics and clipart that can be used to add a seasonal flavouur to your site this Christmas.

ClipArtInc / GraphicsFactory houses a range of unique web graphics. All the standards are there - backgrounds, buttons, bullets and lines - as well as ready-to-customise banners and navigational icons. This site also offers a range of professional-quality commercial graphics, though there remains a great deal of material within their free gallery, while also boasting a broader range of material to paid subscribers.

The ClipArt Warehouse is certainly one of the largest free clipart galleries on the Web. Their graphics include matching button, bullet, bar, background sets as well as individual lines, animated gifs and more. Now, they even offer neon-effect graphics. One of their most popular sections, however, is 'Banner World' - where they have created a number of banners that you can use to advertise your Webpage - all you need to do is add the text. In order to use any of the images at the Warehouse, you need to provide a link back to the site somewhere on your Web site.

Designer.com Freebies features a range of free clipart, photos and filters direct from the Corel workshops.

Elated has an amazing range of graphical freebies. In fact, they offer the most extensive, most useful, highest quality range of graphics I've seen. Not only do they offer hundreds of free buttons, animated gifs, lines and bullet points, but they also offer free pre-designed, pre-programmed page templates that you may download (in .zip format), and alter to build your own page from scratch (graphics included). On top of this, they are giving away free action kits that add special effects (such as drop shadows, embossing and other filter effects) to your graphics, giving them that unique touch! If you haven't seen Elated's collection, go there now - you won't leave empty-handed. By the way, when you do use their graphics, make sure you include a link back to them somewhere on your site.

FlamingText.com features not only a huge archive of free, ready-made graphical elements, but is highlighted by an online logo generation service that is free and easy to use.

Four Bees have a fantastic range of free web graphics. Their range actually includes the 6-Bs of Web graphics - buttons, bars, bullets, backgrounds, borders and banners and all graphics are of a high-quality. It is a pity, though, that the banners are so wide as many could make very promising LinkExchange/Banner Swap banners for people who do not have access to Photoshop (or similar). As they are, they will need editing to resize them to suit most banner-swap services.

FreeButtons.com boasts several free sets of slick navigation buttons. Most of the designs are crisp, 3D-style. Linkware.

FreeGraphics.com is a searchable database of the best "free graphics" sites on the web. Sites are reviewed, rated, and divided into categories for easy browsing - or you can search the entire database for links to your specific graphic needs.

GifsNow.com have created a library containing hundreds of still images and animated gifs that are available free of charge for use on non-commercial websites. Graphics are divided into categories for ease of navigation.

GraphX Kingdom host a library that indexes thousands of clip art images, icons, buttons, bars and graphical interfaces.

Jelane's Free Web Graphics Well, what can I say. Jelane's range is absolutely fantastic! She offers various free sets of graphical 'families' - that is, an edge background, bar, buttons, bullets, next and back buttons, home and email icons etc that are all in the same visual style and theme. Her work is very classy and would undoubtedly enhance any Web page.

Media Builder have an image library that contains many examples of simple, but classy, graphics that you can use for absolutely any purpose that you see fit (they are public domain images). Their five main categories are; background textures, animated gifs, borders, lines and icons.

Media Link offer a large selection on free graphics on-line. What is particularly unique about their selection is that they also have a range of animated gifs and avi movie files that you can embed onto your pages.

Moyra's Web Jewels contains an impressive collection of buttons, icons, bars, bullets and more, showcasing some of the finer examples of free web graphics.

Paradox Graphics 2 not only have an incredible logo of their own, but their free art pages are packed with literally dozens of amazing images (complete with 3D rendering and shadows) that would instantly jazz up any Web page. As per usual, they do require that you add a link back to thewir Web page if you choose to use any of their graphics, but their requirements are not difficult to fulfill (just a short text link) and, believe me, it's worth it! The images for white backgrounds are the best in my humble opinion.

ScreamDesign is a dynamic, exciting graphic design site. Features include Flash templates, design tutorials and access to more than 1000 royalty-free buttons, lines, letters, backgrounds, etc.

Springo Graphics has a fantastic range of buttons, backgrounds and page dividers. Sara, the artist, has a clear, creative style that puts her graphics above those of most other free clip art galleries. She also offers to create free custom graphics upon request, as well as offering a free Web page design service. The Springo range is not exhaustive, but the quality makes up for this. Be sure to check out the "Themes" page for matching graphical sets.

Webpromotion distribute a range of high-quality animated gifs that users are free to use on their pages as long as a link back to Webpromotion's main home page is included within each page on which the graphics are used. Optionally, web designers may purchase a licensed copy of the graphics, negating the necessity for the link back.

Web Spice is primarily a commercial product, but they are offering web users access to their library of 175+ images for free provided that they fill in a simple form.

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