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Tech-Related Articles
(January 2002)

Mesh Networks: Disruptive Technology? (australia.internet.com, January 31st)
A tech startup is attempting to shake-up our preconceptions regarding existing communications networks and their associated limitations by turning every connected device into its own router or relay point for network traffic.

Internet Distributed Computing is Viable Now, Some Say (Grid Computing Planet, January 31st)
Most grid computing insiders think that security and attitudes aren't yet ready for commercial distributed computing over the Internet. But those who offer the service and those who use it beg to differ. The security is there, they say, and attitudes are slowly coming around.

Getting to Know Your 3G (internet.com, January 30th)
Welcome to the wild, wild, wild wireless world of 3G, where a dizzying array of standards waits in hiding to trip up novice users. So far, there's lots of room for improvement by the nation's largest wireless carriers.

Hubster: The WLAN Copyright Wars (80211Planet.com, January 29th)
While centralized file trading systems have thus far been Hollywood's main target in the tech data exchange scene, the wide adoption of 802.11 home gateways and other broadband technologies now have the studios trembling, with some groups threatening to withdraw their support from home-based broadband networks.

Tech CEOs Make Broadband Appeal (TechTV, January 24th)
A number of tech leaders, including the CEOs of Dell, Intel, Motorola and NCR met with policymakers in Washington Thursday to propose the adoption of a plan that will see the aggressive push to wire America with super-broadband infrastructure accelerate. The cost savings associated with the efficiencies created by such a deployment, the CEOs suggested, would rapidly outweigh the costs and admin hassles associated with a rapid national roll-out.

HP, Sun, Lucent Look to Remove Mobile Commerce Barriers (InfoWorld, January 24th)
A consortium of companies, including technology heavyweights such as Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard and Oracle, have teamed to create standards for the way transactions originating on mobile devices are handled, a move that the companies hope will remove some barriers to widespread mobile commerce.

256 Kbps Over A TV Channel (ISP-Planet, January 22nd)
Internet connectivity has been commercially offered through satellites, cables, copper phone lines, wireless LANs, cellular networks and electricity wires. For the first time, though, users are also being given th opportunity to access the net at relatively high speeds by sending and receiving packets through digital TV signals.

Around the World with Internet Users (eMarketer, January 17th)
When 'land-line' bandwidth hits maximum capacity, service could head to the skies - Pioneer Consulting predicts that the broadband satellite service provider market will grow from $1.1 billion in 2001 to roughly $27 billion by 2008.

Around the World with Internet Users (eMarketer, January 14th)
A recent report by IDC has claimed that the United States has finally lost its title as the region with the greatest population of active internet users. The survey suggests that a mere 29.2% of the global net audience is composed of US residents, while Western Europe accounts for some 29.8% of the population - jumping above the US for the first time. This reflects the earlier adoption of the technology Stateside, where growth has now slowed dramatically. Japan posted a strong 15.8% as the third largest online region, while the Asia-Pacific region barely registered a blip on the radar (6.1%), but posted the fastest uptake growth rate.

Will 2002 Be the Year of Broadband? (BBC News, January 14th)
With many tech companies betting their futures on the eventual deep adoption of broadband, the importance of logistic and commercial co-operation, as well as technological advances made with the effect of driving the prices of such into the realm of dialup, has never been greater. This article discusses how many of the barriers hindering ADSL adoption in the UK are expected to erode in 2002.

High-Speed Data Discovery - 'Cold Fusion' for Internet (NewsFactor, January 9th)
A scientific research company claimed this week that it has achieved a mathematical breakthrough in compression technology that could revolutionize the way data is stored and transmitted -- and change the way the high-tech world communicates information.

MS Unveils Home Device Technology (allNetDevices, January 8th)
Microsoft Monday showed off its new Net device technology for the home, including display technology that is aimed at providing access to data throughout the house and tools to tie together TVs and PCs. This comes just as the likes of LG and Sony are pushing similar concepts of the 'wired home'. Microsoft plans to incorporate both its CE and XP operating systems into these digital homes. This IDG article discusses the XP link.

Group Builds Onto Wall of Web Standards (CNET News.com, January 7th)
This article addresses the many substantial challenges facing the W3C in ensuring security and interoperability of web technologies in the face of ever-constricting corporate influence.


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