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Tech-Related Articles
(February 2001)

Tealeaf Records Entire Web Sessions (internet.com, February 26th)
A new piece of traffic analysis software being marketed towards B2B publishers offers superior activity tracking and customer service capabilities than any of its predecessors.

Search Project Prepares to Challenge Google (CNET News.com, February 26th)
Peer-to-peer technologies have been given a great deal of attention of late, largely due to the hype and legal issues surrounding the Napster film-swapping service. Now, a new search engine has arisen with the goal of revolutionizing the manner by which online content is ranked for relevancy by extracting data from user's bookmarks and surfing habits.

The Hidden Cost of P2P (ZDNet, February 25th)
The rising popularity of P2P may very well lead to an increase in ISP charges, since the amount of data transferred by the average net user will increase as their members act as both data consumers and servers.

Report Reveals Narrowing Digital Divide (Boston Globe Online, February 22nd)
A new report into US internet usage has found that usage has leapt within rural areas, and throughout minority populations. This trend suggests that the digital divide will largely close in the coming years.

Lasers Beat Bandwidth Bottleneck (ZDNet, February 22nd)
Laser based optical wireless networking technologies (try saying that 10 times), are set to revolutionize the wireless communications market. Such technologies are expected to prove superior to existing wireless methods of data transmission, and less expensive to launch than fibre-optic lines.

A Brave New World of Web Services (Techweb, February 21st)
Outlines the pros and cons of transferring from a user-installed application-based software model to a remote, service-based model.

Wild for Wireless (internet.com, February 20th)
As the buzz surrounding wireless technologies again gains momentum, three major players have announced their efforts to deliver games, share trading and B2C advertising to the new generation of wireless gadgets.

Presentations in Cyberspace (CNET, February 13th)
Employees who telecommute, professionals who need to make presentations overseas, freelancing design teams and busy boards of directors will all see the value in software that allows one to host presentations and conferences remotely. This CNET feature reviews 4 such services.

Just the Text, Ma'am (TheStandard, February 12th)
The hard-core tech crowd have long loathed the growth of commercialism on the Net. They, along with fast-reading news junkies, are leading a growing trend to extract juicy articles from the websites of news publications such as Salon and the New York Times, without having to encounter their cumbersome design elements and ads.

Akamai Walks Fine Line with Web Hosters (CNET News.com, February 7th)
Akamai's multiple-servers and proprietary systems has facilitated the speedy delivery of certain web elements for years. As the network has matured, some major web players have moved the majority of their online services directly onto the network, bypassing traditional web hosts. This move could put much of the web hosting industry in jeopardy.

She, Er, It's One Tough Machine (Time Digital, February 2nd)
Intelligent agents, who automatically seek and collect data for their masters have been touted as a killer tool for years. The release of the Audrey internet appliance shows that this vision is coming closer to reality...but isn't here quite yet. Update: the manufacture of Audrey has been discontinued.


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