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Web Development Articles
(June 2002)

Directors Approve Lynn Reform (internet.com, June 28th)
The president's outline for a revamped ICANN passes muster with the board of directors, which votes in a leadership committee made up of business and government interests and vote out at-large participation.

It's Not Time To Jump Ship Yet (internet.com, June 28th)
While WorldCom is in no danger of shutting down its network, analysts warn Internet service providers and other customers to reduce their dependence on the financially troubled carrier.

Learning WML - WAP Basics (Developer.com, June 27th)
How do you get content to mobile devices? In this first of a series of articles, learn the background of the wireless application protocol, how it works, and what you need to get started using it with WML.

Linux Still on the Rise (NewsFactor, June 27th)
Citing a desire to move away from proprietary software systems, such as those sold by Microsoft, many companies are considering making the jump from using Windows on their servers to running Linux.

Cybersquatters Put on the Hot Seat (ZDNet, June 27th)
The organization that oversees Internet domain names floated two proposals on Thursday to help businesses and individuals fight extortion by speculators, known as cybersquatters.

I Don't Know You: CRM for the Anonymous Browser (ClickZ, June 27th)
Even your best friend was once a stranger. The bulk of your site's visitors aren't registered users, but anonymous browsers. Here's how to make them want to get to know you.

Web Services Security Spec Sent to OASIS (internet.com, June 27th)
VeriSign, IBM and Microsoft submit to OASIS the first in a series of specifications intended to address security issues raised by Web services.

MS Warns of Commerce Server Flaw (internet.com, June 27th)
Microsoft is warning their Commerce Server software customers that they should immediately apply a security patch to fix a number of flaws in the program that could allow hackers to take control of the server.

Review: Oracle 9iAS Mobile Studio (VoiceXMLPlanet, June 27th)
Here, VoiceXMLPlanet takes a look at Oracle 9iAS Mobile Studio, a hosted multi-channel XML framework from Oracle that enables developers to build applications which target a wide range of devices and formats, including VoiceXML, WML, XHTML, cHTML and more.

New XML-Based Spec Published (internet.com, June 26th)
Four companies deeply steeped in the Web Services game Wednesday announced a new XML-based specification they say will help everyone get along better.

Akamai, Speedera Gear Up for Legal Battle (internet.com, June 26th)
While their products battle each other on the market, the two content delivery providers prepare to duke it out in the courtroom.

Yahoo! to Cut FinanceVision (internet.com, June 26th)
In an unusual move given that Yahoo's new leadership is an old-world media man, the portal has made the painful decision to cull many of its streaming-media products and, in doing so, is puttin an end to a grand convergence plan it put in motion with the $5.7 billion acquisition of Broadcast.com in 1999.

Deep Linking's Legal Link on Hold (Wired News, June 26th)
After two days of hearings, a Danish court has delayed making a decision in a closely watched case that could determine the legality of "deep linking" in Denmark and other European Union countries.

Java's Surprising Comeback (NewsFactor, June 25th)
Despite Sun's weakness and Microsoft's contention that it will no longer support Java "in any way, shape or form" as of January 2004, the programming language is alive and well. The road ahead will not be easy, though, as Java the platform battles with Microsoft's grand .NET plan. This article highlights some of the risks, and emphasizes the need for a concerted marketing push by Java's stakeholders to counter the Redmond express train.

XML in Mozilla 1.0 (WebReference, June 25th)
We all know of Mozilla's prowess when it comes to supporting standards such as HTML and CSS. But what does it have to offer XML enthusiasts?

Overdue for a Brand Tune-Up? (ClickZ, June 25th)
Does your company website accurately and consistently convey your brand's ideals to visitors? If you're not sure, check out this article for a few tips as to how to test for, and rectify, any weaknesses or inconsistencies that may creep into the mise-en-scene.

Online Giants Offer Kid-Friendly Web Surfing (TechNews.com, June 25th)
Three of the nation's largest Internet portals today will announce that they have made good on a promise to promote more kid-friendly Web surfing by labeling their online properties to ICRA specifications. While the three are calling the development a triumph, critics note that the measure is only as effective as the parents who employ the filtering technology, as noted in this Internet.com story.

E-Commerce Price War Escalates, Amazon Expands (internet.com, June 25th)
Gearing up to tackle Amazon.com for market share in the giant's core product category, books, Buy.com is driving a new online price war. The privately-held firm is not only beating Amazon.com's free shipping policy, but promising to beat the firm's prices on books by at least 10%. The question is whether or not the demanding promotion will result in a long-term customer shift to the smaller brand.

Developers Issue OpenSSH Alert (vnunet.com, June 25th)
Open source developers yesterday warned of a significant vulnerability in OpenSSH, a tool that ships with many Linux and Unix flavours. The details of the hole have not been made public because a patch is not yet available, but the secrecy of the developers has caused a schism in the open source community.

Introduction to Relational Databases (WDVL, June 24th)
A great read for new web developers, this expert guide offers a primer on relational databases that's sure to whet your appetite for further exploration.

Compensation of Salespeople (ISP Planet, June 24th)
Determine which pay plan works best for sales staff - straight salary, commission, or a combination of both. Alternatively, you may like to consider whether independent contractors suit your business style and budget?

Macromedia Versus Microsoft? (ClickZ, June 24th)
Could Macromedia's recent moves to expand Flash as a development platform pose a threat to a certain other software company?

Show Your True Colors (E-Commerce Guide, June 24th)
Make sure the color images you display on your site are as accurately colored as the products delivered to your customer's door.

Stopping Web Performance Thieves (Datamation, June 24th)
A look at some of the most common issues affecting web performance and how to identify and eliminate the culprits.

Trust Is in the Details (CyberAtlas, June 21st)
According to a study performed by Stanford University's Persuasive Technology Lab, many Internet users and online consumers are looking at sites with skeptical eyes, and questioning the credibility of those that contain grammatical errors, poor contact mechanisms or no visible privacy policy.

Adventures in the Shipping Wars (internet.com, June 21st)
Will free or low-cost shipping charges be the key to taking e-commerce mainstream? Or is shipping just a gimmick for the big players, designed to win customers away from the little guys in the short term, but not sustainable over the long haul?

Apache Exploit on the Warpath (vnunet.com, June 21st)
An anonymous hacking group today issued a script-kiddy-friendly exploit that targets the recently-announced chunk handling vulnerability that affects millions of Apache servers around the world. The recommendation made by security experts and the hacking group alike is to patch and protect these servers post-haste. For more on the exploit risk, see this special report from Internet.com.

Consumers' Net Confidence Rises in Past Year (eMarketer, June 21st)
The latest Yahoo!/ACNielsen index indicates that US consumer confidence in the internet has risen by 13 points between Q2 2001 and Q2 2002. See this Internet.com article for more on this. Update: Unfortunately, this rise hasn't been carried over to the economy at large, where The Conference Board has announced that overall consumer confidence declined from 110.3 in May 2002 to 106.4 this month.

Site Design a Key Factor for Net Users (eMarketer, June 20th)
A SpectraCom survey found that the color palette used on a site was the most important design attribute for roughly 41% of women and 34% of men. Effective navigation and the absence of popup windows also fared well in the survey.

VeriSign to Cease Mailings to All Registrars (internet.com, June 20th)
Leading domain registrar VeriSign Wednesday entered a legal agreement that prohibits it from sending controversial domain name expiration notices to customers. This ends an anti-competitive practice to which many domain registrars, and their customers, objected strongly.

Top 10 Best Practices for Voice User Interface Design (VoiceXMLPlanet, June 20th)
Developing a VoiceXML IVR is straightforward. Designing a quality speech interface, however, is a long road paved with assumptions, mistakes and failures. Learn from expert's mistakes before you fall into the same traps.

Blueprint: E-Commerce Without Microsoft (E-Commerce Times, June 20th)
Though it frequently seems that a major development project cannot go far without bumping into the Redmond giant, this feature illustrates that it is possible to avoid Microsoft altogether in a market dotted with many quality alternatives.

Wells Fargo Sets the Stage (internet.com, June 20th)
Taking some steps to solidify its position in the e-payments and billing space, the venerable Wells Fargo signed two deals in two days, one with PayPal and the other with CheckFree Corp. In both instances, the group will provide key secure processing services for the digital payment upstarts.

Sun Announces Release of Java Web Services Developer Pack (EarthWeb, June 20th)
Yesterday, Sun announced the release of its Java™ Web Services Developer Pack. Find out what the pack includes, where to get it, and how it can help you in developing Java applications.

Microsoft to Add Java Support to Windows XP (ITworld.com, June 19th)
Microsoft Corp. is making its Java Virtual Machine (JVM) a standard part of Windows XP in an attempt to clear a legal dispute with rival Sun Microsystems Inc., Microsoft said Tuesday.

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 - It's All Good (Intranet Journal, June 19th)
Photoshop has become the standard by which graphics applications are judged. Even so, Adobe knows they can't rest on their laurels if they're to maintain pole position in a competitive market. The latest release, version 7.0, is sure to delight the novice and experienced user alike. The same publication follows the initial review with a reflection on the impressions that professionals have gleaned from using the new software. Read their views here.

Intel Phasing Out Web Hosting Service (internet.com, June 19th)
Intel Tuesday said it will slowly shut down its Intel Online Services (IOS) web hosting business over the next 12 months.

A Web Site on the High Road (CNET, June 19th)
We've all heard the same sordid tale: a small Web site gets popular in a hurry, then forgets its roots and sells out for banner ads and pop-ups. Does it have to be this way? CNET's Molly Wood digs up a community-based site that's doing things differently.

More E-Shopping at Work, Less Time for Frills (eMarketer, June 19th)
CEA reports that the percentage of US consumers shopping online at work rose from 12% in 1999 to 22% in 2002.

The Evolution of Rich Media (WDVL, June 19th)
Digital content is changing the face of application development. Conventional business platforms are not capable of managing the complex structure and relationships of digital assets. A rich-media platform is proposed.

The Party Must Go On (Salon.com, June 19th)
The glamour is tarnished and the celebrities have gone AWOL, but the Webby Awards soldier forward anyway, in classic San Francisco style.

Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) (Gamelan, June 19th)
Discover how RTSJ extends the Java platform with an industry standard set of extensions that enables the construction of systems that exhibit real-time behavior.

Webcasting Royalty Rates Decision Due (internet.com, June 18th)
After four years of negotiations - and somewhat heated debate - to determine royalty rates for Internet radio streams, the Library of Congress is set to announce a statutory "sound recordings performance royalty" rate that settles the issue once and for all.

Charge for Your Content? The Three Criteria (ClickZ, June 18th)
Vin Crosbie used a case study to illustrate three factors that must be addressed by those considering the tricky transition from free to fee. If your product fits into one of the three criteria, it is suggested that your journey will be all the easier.

Macromedia Flash Sings the Opera (internet.com, June 17th)
Macromedia on Monday announced a deal to make its Flash Player software available to licensees of Opera Software's embedded Web browsers.

FAST Sprints Past Google in Search Engine Size Wars (SearchDay, June 17th)
The firm announced that it has expanded its index to 2.1 billion Web pages, taking the lead from chief competitor Google. As to whether this will assist the firm in its bid to grab some limelight from the media darling has yet to be seen. Building upon this, the E-Commerce Times has explored just what it is that drives these companies, and where their key revenue sources reside. For more on that, see this article.

Microsoft to Bow IE 5.2 for Mac OS X (internet.com, June 17th)
The latest version of Internet Explorer aims to correct some of the technical, stability and visual faults.

The Business of Web Design (WDVL, June 17th)
Lee Creek delves into the business end of Web design. Join him as he discusses everything from finding the money to get started, to planning for the emergency that could ruin your company.

King of the E-Commerce Shopping Carts (E-Commerce Times, June 17th)
The next step of shopping cart evolution is likely to take the form of improved integration with other back-end services.

In New Tack, iVillage Looks Beyond Ad Revenue (NY Times, June 17th)
After shedding two-thirds of its employees and undergoing a radical management transplant, iVillage, a network of Web sites for women, has moved from critical to stable condition. So there may be a curious logic behind the company's latest big idea: introducing a line of iVillage brand vitamins and so-called nutraceutical supplements.

ICANN to Close Bidding for .org Registry (internet.com, June 17th)
The deadline for bid proposals to manage the .org registry passes; the bidders will make public presentations Wednesday. Update: Some information about the 11 bidders who submitted applications by the deadline may be found within this follow-up story.

E-Business Comes of Age in Court (E-Commerce Guide, June 14th)
This article charts the many changes in the way tech firms and executives operate within a new climate driven - or distracted by - legal action.

Surfers Prefer Community Coverage (CyberAtlas, June 14th)
Internet users looking for local news will turn to regionally based newspaper sites over TV and national news Web sites, a pair of surveys revealed.

How Search Engines Look at Links (SearchDay, June 13th)
Representatives of Google, Fast, and Ask Jeeves/Teoma share inside information about page ranking and linking analysis.

Can Anyone Overtake Internet Explorer? (USA Today, June 13th)
This article looks at the potential that the newly-released Mozilla 1.0 browser has in the snaring of market share in non-core net markets (such as portable devices), while considering whether any player can possibly gain ground on Microsoft in the hotly-contended desktop web browsing field.

Web Design 'Causes Confusion' (BBC News, June 13th)
A gap between how web designers and ordinary surfers think is causing frustration on the net. Once again, it's suggested that designers keep things simple, think about logical information flows and prioritize usability and familiarity over bells-n-whistles.

A Unified Virgin (ClickZ, June 13th)
Every customer touch point needs to reinforce your brand and your voice. It takes just one employee who doesn't understand this to dissolve your brand, as this commentary/case study exemplifies.

Net Gambling Bill Stalls (USA Today, June 13th)
An effort to ban Internet-based gambling was slowed Thursday by opponents who said the bill would hurt dog tracks, intrude on people's private lives and lead to excessive regulation of the global computer network.

E-Commerce: Color It Green (internet.com, June 12th)
There's good news for e-commerce entrepreneurs - a new industry report says that a majority of American retailers reported profitable online operations last year. In fact, the Shop.org annual study, says that fully 56 percent of retailers reported online profits in 2001, compared to only 43 percent in 2000. Multi-channel retailers are at the head of the pack in profits. For more on this, see this eMarketer piece. Cataloguers, too, are seeing their investments in the web pay dividends, as noted in this internet.com article.

Government Seeks Accord on XML (CNET News.com, June 12th)
The US Federal Government isn't known as a pioneering early adopter. But growing support within U.S. agencies for the popular XML data exchange format has raised concerns that, for once, things might be moving too fast.

Bait Crackers With A Honeypot (EarthWeb, June 12th)
Adding a honeypot to your arsenal can be a big boost to your network's security, both in distracting malicious users and learning how the garden variety script kiddy or cracker thinks.

A Cross-Browser DOM Document Wrapper (WebReference.com, June 12th)
Though implemented differently, both of the latest browsers support dynamic XML document loading. Learn how to write a common JavaScript API that will work similarly for both IE and Netscape/Mozilla.

Business Server Slugfest: IBM vs Dell (NewsFactor, June 12th)
Just months after IBM's battle with Sun over the linux mainframe market started getting down-and-dirty, Big Blue has pinned its hopes on increasing market share in the lucrative two-way Intel mainstream server market by targeting Dell. Just how successful the giant will be in a match-up that could degenerate into a price-war with a firm known for its superior efficiency.

eBay: Still Successful After All These Years (eMarketer, June 12th)
Newsweek recently reported that e-commerce darling eBay generated $749 million in revenue and $9.3 billion in gross merchandise sales in 2001, proving that there's little in the way of this upstart becoming the e-commerce juggernaut its investors are hoping will be the case.

Case Study: Vantage Deluxe World Travel and MarketFirst (eCRMguide, June 12th)
You can make money by marketing online in this day and age; it just takes guts, smarts, and great customer relationship management. See how Vantage Deluze World Travel has pulled these elements together and acheived real success via their net ventures.

The Hidden Costs of Running an E-Commerce Site (E-Commerce Times, June 11th)
People costs - customer service and client acquisition - and a lack of planning often send e-commerce budgets through the virtual roof.

Optimizing Keywords for Search Engines (SearchDay, June 11th)
Effective optimization for search engines requires more than just fiddling with web pages -- you need to carefully select and focus your efforts on specific keywords for maximum success.

Internet Firms Fish for Revenue From Fees (USA Today, June 10th)
As advertising revenues continue to crawl along under in the most devastating conditions seen since World War II, companies are increasingly turning towards the provision of subscription-based services to temper their results - and perhaps inspire the transition to a new business model altogether.

No Boo-Hoos for Yahoo! Here (BusinessWeek Online, June 10th)
While the U.S. version of search portal Yahoo continues to lose revenues and operate in the red, its Japanese equivalent continues to operate profitability, with growth coming through an early realization that the entity must diversify its revenue base.

Sun Readies Dev Tools Suite, UDDI Package (InfoWorld.com, June 10th)
Sun Microsystems next week will unveil the Sun ONE (Open Net Environment) Developer Platform, a set of tools and software servers intended to provide IT shops with integration across the life cycle of development.

HTML Special Characters and Browser Compatibility (WDVL, June 10th)
HTML 4 includes around 250 special characters, or character entities. But which ones work in Explorer 5 and Netscape 4, and which ones only show up in IE6 or N6?

Network Security: Covering the Basics, Part 2 (EarthWeb, June 10th)
Good security doesn't have to be a blackbox process. This article notes five practices that you may employ to take control of network security, lower your risk of an attack, and recover more quickly when one happens.

Review: Mozilla 1.0 (CNET, June 7th)
Four and a half years after announcing its open-source alternative to Internet Explorer, Mozilla.org has released the official Mozilla 1.0 browser. Is the final Thrilla from Mozilla actually bug-free? Here's the last chapter of this exciting saga.

Just How Worldwide Is the Web? (E-Commerce Times, June 7th)
For all the talk about the World Wide Web, e-commerce is not so worldly after all. The Web may disregard international boundaries, but shoppers still must abide by the laws of their home country -- and then some.

VeriSign Faces Fourth Marketing Lawsuit (internet.com, June 7th)
The domain name registrar's recent direct mail campaign continues to land it in hot water.

World Cup Kicks Star Wars Out of Space (internet.com, June 7th)
The sporting event scores an online goal - toppling the popular movie from the number one search term. Other big events, including the Miss Universe pageant, drive new phrases into the top list, but Britney, Eminem and Dragonball continue to hold top spots.

Building an E-Commerce Community: Friendship Sells (E-Commerce Times, June 6th)
At some sites, regular users of bulletin boards and feedback areas generated two-thirds of sales, although they accounted for just one-third of all visitors, a study found.

Privacy Still Blights Online Retailers (The Register, June 6th)
Privacy concerns have reared their ugly head again this week with the release of a new study from Jupiter Media Metrix (JMM). It found that as many as 70% of US consumers are still worried about their online privacy rights - and JMM reckons these worries will cost online businesses as much as $25 billion by 2006.

Media General Acquires BoxerJam (internet.com, June 6th)
Endeavouring to beef up its own online offerings while staking a late-entry claim for itself in the burgeoning online gaming industry, publisher Media General, Inc. has announced that it will acquire the brand and assets of interactive game developer BoxerJam. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

eBay Has Secret Weapon Against Fraud (USA Today, June 6th)
Internet auction leader eBay is trying to fight fraud on the site with a new software program that scans for suspicious listings and alerts company investigators, Chief Executive Meg Whitman said Wednesday.

Client Side Validation Using XML (15 Seconds, June 6th)
Learn how to use Microsoft's XMLHTTP object within Javascript or VBScript to validate form-field information without having to submit a page and wait for the result.

Mozilla.org Unleashes Mozilla 1.0 (internet.com, June 5th)
The first major-version public release of the Mozilla source code and development tools hits the Net.

Can eBay Copycats Thrive? (E-Commerce Times, June 5th)
This article looks at the probability of a new player sneaking up and stealing eBay's crown as the online person-to-person marketplace of choice, and finds the possibility remote at best.

Better Website, Better Chance of Selling Cars (eMarketer, June 5th)
The internet is now an integral part of the car-buying procedure -- Vividence finds that 94% of consumers who had begun car shopping in March 2002 went online for research.

Privacy Worries Plague E-Biz (CyberAtlas, June 4th)
E-businesses that want to succeed better step up their privacy and security efforts. Jupiter Media Metrix is reporting that these issues could potentially cost e-businesses almost $25 billion by 2006 up from $5.5 billion in 2001.

Tutorial: Adding Additional Hard Drives in Linux (LinuxPlanet, June 4th)
Alexander Prohorenko steps users through adding a hard drive to a Linux PC and shows how to make this job a snap.

Nielsen Norman Group to Create Flash MX Guidelines (internet.com, June 3rd)
Macromedia on Monday said it would partner with the Web consultants Nielsen Norman Group to develop guidelines for developing Internet applications with its latest Flash MX product.

VeriSign Increases Telecom Focus with New Tech (internet.com, June 3rd)
VeriSign Inc. Monday moved to stitch together two acquisitions as part of a push to gain ground in the telecom space with new signaling and billing technology intended to make it a core utility for carriers.

Don't Try This at Home (E-Commerce Guide, June 3rd)
Are you a 'do-it-yourself'-er with little experience designing for the web? Using a professional Web designer could add a tremendous amount of value to your online appearance.

Web Analytics ASPs Set to Soar (ASPnews.com, June 3rd)
Outsourced web traffic analysis systems are set to gain ground on their in-house counterparts, according to the research presented in this article.

Network Security: Covering the Basics (EarthWeb, June 3rd)
Everyone loves a good security horror story when it's someone else's security that's horrifying. Sticking to some basics can ease your fears about your own network while others swap war stories.

Access Denied: Protect Restricted Areas of Your Web Site (ASPFAQs, June 2nd)
4GuysFromRolla's Doug Down shows several ways to protect or restrict a set of ASP pages by only allowing authenticated users to have access.


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