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Online Advertising Articles
(September 2000)

Discussion on Web Entertainment (Wired News, September 29th)
A panel of entertainment industry celebs was recently brought together in a conference sponsored by Salon.com to brainstorm possible solutions to the issue of funding online content creation and distribution.

Getting Ready for Fourth Quarter 2000 (ClickZ, September 26th)
In preparation of another weak quarter for the online advertising market, this writer and media buyer has proposed that publishers offer their advertisers services above-and-beyond straight CPM banner buys in order to support partnerships that are of mutual benefit.

Web Ad Revenues Rise in Europe, Says AdZone (internet.com, September 25th)
Measuring advertising across some 425 sites throughout Europe, online media research firm AdZone Interactive has seen that ad revenues continue to climb rapidly throughout Europe - effectively mimicing the growth rate seen in the US a year previous.

Engage Restructures, Fires 175 (internet.com, September 21st)
In an attempt to restructure and cut costs, CMGI's Engage has consolidated its five business divisions into just two units; software and media. Part of this restructuring included the loss of 175 jobs, which constitutes 13 percent of Engage's workforce.

The Once and Future King: Pay-for-Performance (ClickZ, September 12th)
Being the only medium in which transactions can be made directly after viewing an ad, the net appears to be well suited to direct marketing via affiliate programs. Nevertheless, perhaps as a result of the wild advertising expenditure during the dotcom boom, many of the web's larger properties have been defiant in their ignorance of CPA deals. This article outlines the value to be had in exploring th ever-important pay-for-performance models.

Portal Peril (ClickZ, September 5th)
Making an advertising buy on the major portals can be a daunting experience, with so many targeting, creative and placement options at one's disposal. Here, Mediasmith's Jim Meskauskas explains the most common options, while highlighting their various strengths and weaknesses.


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