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Tech-Related Articles
(November 2001)

Putting M-Commerce in the Driver's Seat (E-Commerce Times, November 30th)
Over-hype and a failure to deliver on expectations may have defined the m-commerce space thus far, and this report (while noting that there remains a future market for mobile shopping and content delivery) suggests that the lack of a compelling reason to use the devices for commerce - in addition to concerns regarding security - will hold the medium back for some time yet.

Putting M-Commerce in the Driver's Seat (M-Commerce Times, November 19th)
Telematics equals Internet plus Cellular plus Automobiles. And throw in a healthy dose of wireless LAN technology as well. This article explains why it is one area of technology that will have an enormous impact on M-Commerce.

Comdex: Wireless Net Access Will Be 'Mostly Free' (Newsbytes, November 14th)
During an address made at Comdex, Handspring co-founder Jeff Hawkins outlined his perception of the near future of the mobile internet, with smaller communication devices central to pervasive adoption of such technologies. He also claims that economies of scale and the efficiencies brought about by new technologies will see the costs associated with accessing the wireless internet effectively drop to nil shortly.

Internet Usage Jumps to All-Time High (AtNewYork, November 13th)
In news that bodes well for the upcoming shopping season, and for the health of the Internet as a consumer medium in general, research firm Nielsen//NetRatings has reported that October saw the US net-connected population grow an impressive 4 percent. This brings the total wired population to some 62 percent of the population at large, with the proportion of active users and hours of exposure also increasing during the reported period.

Life in the Slow Lane is Just Fine (CyberAtlas, November 12th)
A survey conducted by Parks Associates has found that about 75% of US dial-up users are satisfied with their service, suggesting that broadband service providers have a hard-sell ahead of them if they hope to meet widely-accepted estimates for broadband uptake. With so many people satisfied with the 56kps speed limit, too, web designers will have to continue keeping their creations svelte for the next few years or risk alienatinig the bulk of their users.

HyperBee Search Engine Follows Seti@Home Model (Newsbytes, November 9th)
Calling on peer-to-peer technology to power its crawling operations, this new search engine start up - founded by a Georgia Tech PhD student - is aiming to scour far more of the public web than any of the establishd engines, while providing searchers with a limited selection of highly-targeted results on each search.

Online Fitting Room (E-Commerce Guide, November 7th)
My Virtual Model has developed a product aimed at reducing the rate at which clothing purchased online is returned, while also promoting cross-sales by allowing shoppers to create 3D avatars of themselves, on whom to virtrually try on clothes.

Future of Mobile Commerce Murky (TechTV, November 2nd)
Projections regarding the perceived near-term market for mobile commerce vary widely, with some seeing the mobile phone-using community as ready to embrace wireless transactions, and others betting that buggy technologies and a general lack of interest will trigger a later adoption. More about the increasingly bullish studies may be found in this InternetNews.com article.


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